The Morning Line: Anaheim, Day 2

By: Slade Long
January 30, 2016

Morning Line 1

There were quite a few great rides last night, and the guys rode 19 bulls overall. That means quite a few of them have a shot at being 2-for-2 after this round. Round 2 won’t really feature tougher bulls overall, but the odds are always against seeing that many rides two nights in a row.

Valdiron de Oliveira on 942 Mr. Clark:

Mr. Clark doesn’t show up at the Built Ford Tough Series level, but he has been a busy bull for five years, and he’s only given up five rides in 70 career outs. Usually when a bull is legitimately difficult to ride, yet he’s usually a long round bull, it’s because he has some forward movement or some other trait that riders universally don’t get along with. But, from what we’ve seen of this one he may fit Oliveira. Mike Lee rode him in Tucson, Arizona, in the fall, and he was just a stout little bull with a lot of up and down. Oliveira is a strong rider, and few honest bulls can buck too hard from him.

Eduardo Aparecido on 24-0 Wilbur:

Aparecido had a big score last night, and he will probably get another one here. Wilbur should go to the right, and he has near perfect timing. He’s not enough bull to win the round on, but a second score would really help Aparecido.

Ryan Dirteater on 105Y Chantilly Lace:

These two met in Des Moines, Iowa, last year and Dirteater lasted right at 7 seconds. But, the odds are really in Dirteater’s favor on this bull. This is a very rideable bull that goes to the left, and he’s probably worth a point or two more than Dirteater’s 85.75 score last night.

Tanner Byrne on 025 The Kraken:

I haven’t seen this bull in person, but I sincerely hope that riders yell, “Release the Kraken!” instead of just nodding their head. If not, they are not having enough fun. However it happens, when The Kraken does get released he gets ridden a lot. He should be a good fit and may be good for a second score for Byrne.

Kasey Hayes on 88 Woody:

This is a veteran bull that has a decent record of bucking guys off except when he comes to the Built Ford Tough Series. He’s been ridden in about half his BFTS outs. He’s been nicer to right handed riders, but he’s more of a up and down bucker than a fast spinner, and every guy at this level has a shot on him.

Nathan Schaper on 26Y Savage Moves:

Stormy Wing had this bull in Oklahoma City last week, and came down just short of the whistle. This is a good draw for a left handed rider, but he goes to the left pretty fast and hard and he can be hard to keep up with. Schaper doesn’t have much room for error here.

Derek Kolbaba on Z26 Fire Hazard:

This is a brand new bull that hasn’t been to any kind of PBR event yet, but the Pages broke him out last fall and took him to some rodeos late in the season where he looked pretty impressive. Kolbaba may have a sleeper here. Untested bulls can be unreliable, but this one has a better resume than most debut bulls we see on tour.

J.B. Mauney on 906 Boo-Ray:

Boo-Ray has been around for a few years, and he’s a pretty reliable performer. He likes to go to the left, and he bucks with his head high. He has a similar style to Percolator, but he’s a level below that in ability. Mauney obviously isn’t perfectly healthy right now, and that is the only thing this bull has on his side in this match. There are only two ways Mauney doesn’t get a score here: He’s too banged up to stay on, or he decides to jump off voluntarily.

Mason Lowe on 6X Bobby:

This bull was here last year, and he was in Sacramento, California, as well. He looked really impressive in Sacramento, but Robson Palermo rode him here in Anaheim for only 82 points. Bobby likes to go to the right, and Lowe has a decent chance at a second score here. It won’t be that easy for him, because Bobby is 11-3 at the Built Ford Tough Series level.


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