The Morning Line: Anaheim, Day 2

There are quite a few rematches tonight. Guys getting on bulls they’ve been on before usually have a slight advantage. There were a lot of qualified rides last night, and we should see a good many tonight as well. After that, the short round bulls will make life much harder for the riders that qualify.

David Mason on 133X High Tensile:

Two out of three lefties who have been on this bull have ridden him, which is not surprising. High Tensile goes to the left and bucks with his head high, which typically makes bulls easier to ride. Mason should be able to pick up a second score here and move on to the short round.

Silvano Alves on 177Y Earl Sports:

Earl Sports carried Reese Cates to a second place finish in Round 2 last week in Sacramento, California. With Cates he went to the left and really had some backup. He wants the rider out over the front end. That usually helps a rider going away from his hand, but when Alves gets bucked off he usually gets bucked off on this kind of bull — his weight tilts forward more than he’s used to and he gets off balance. On paper, Alves should be a huge favorite, but in practice this is a push.

Chase Outlaw on 828 Maverick:

This is a really good matchup. Maverick doesn’t get ridden a lot, and he tends to be welly, but he is a fast, showy bull that Outlaw will get a ton of points out of if he can stay on. The odds are a little on the bull’s side here, but the payoff for Outlaw will be big.

Ryan Dirteater on 503 Imagine That:

Imagine That is a pretty solid draw. He’s been ridden in his last two outs, and for pretty good scores. He’s a bigger bull that has some flash and pretty good timing. Dirteater should get along with him.

J.W. Harris on 914 Say I Won’t Playboy:

This bull has been ridden twice in 11 career outs, and both rides were by right-handed riders. Zane Lambert was 84.75 points on him last week in Sacramento. Harris will be the best rider he’s ever faced at any level, and that should give Harris the advantage here.

Sean Willingham on 91 Hair Trigger:

By the numbers this is one of the easiest to ride bulls in the PBR. He’s ridden about 65 percent of the time at the BFTS level, and he’s ridden more often than that by right-handed riders. Shane Proctor won third in the opening round on him in Sacramento with 87 points.

Shane Proctor on 903 Rock River Red:

This is really the matchup of the night. We usually see this bull in short rounds, and that means he can be a cut above the rest of the bulls in this round. He’s been better to right handed riders, and Proctor had him just last week — this is the bull he picked in the short round in Sacramento. He came down, but given a second shot at a rideable bull, Proctor should seal the deal and win this round.

Gage Gay on 173 Mental Revenge:

For a guy who’s been struggling, Gay couldn’t have drawn better this weekend. He had the perfect slump buster last night, and this bull is probably the bull he would have picked in this round had it been a draft. These two have met before – in a Big Sky, Montana, Touring Pro event last summer where Gay was 88 points to win the round.

Kasey Hayes on 99 Hell’s Poppin’:

This is another rematch from last week. Hayes was 85 points on Hell’s Poppin’ in the opening round in Sacramento. This should be a good chance for him to put up a second score here.

Robson Palermo on 103 Strong Heart:

These two met about a year ago in Kansas City, Missouri, where Palermo was 87.25 points on Strong Heart to win fourth in the round. If Palermo can get by him here he’ll have two scores on the weekend, and he could use the points.

Valdiron de Oliveira on 821 Super Kool Kat:

Another rematch here on a night full of them, Oliveira was 86 points on Super Kool Kat at the 2013 World Finals. This bull goes to the right, he’s welly, and he’s mean.  He’s been ridden quite a bit by right handed riders, but on a bull like this, not riding him is usually painful.

Joao Ricardo Vieira on 915 Houla Hoop:

This is one of the nicest to ride bulls out here this weekend. Ryan Dirteater won a round on him last week. He’s got excellent timing, and can turn back both ways, although he will typically go to the right first.


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