The morning line: Billings, day 3

By: Slade Long April 13, 2014@ 09:05:00 AM

Billings, Mont. ― Five riders enter the final day of action of the Stanley Performance in Action Invitational having ridden both of their bulls in Rounds 1 & 2.

Event Leaders:

Kasey Hayes on B54-0 Pucker Up:

Hayes made a near perfect ride on a bull spinning away from his hand Saturday night and this is a very similar bull. Pucker Up got the best of Fabiano Vieira here in Round 2 in just over three seconds.

Matt Triplett on 8358 Guns & Donuts:

Triplett looks pretty determined to win this event. This bull doesn’t have a long history, just seven career outs. The only time Guns & Donuts been ridden was by a right-handed rider. He’s thrown off Mike Lee in Tacoma, Wash., and Kody Lostroh Saturday night in his only two Built Ford Tough Series outs. Just about everyone who has been on him has lasted beyond four seconds.

Cody Nance on 1037 Brown Sugar:

Brown Sugar is unridden in six career outs and Nance is one of his six victims. They met in Kansas City, Mo., in February. Brown Sugar threw Brady Sims off in Round 1 Friday night.

Silvano Alves on D05 Flint:

Flint has been short-round quality, but he’s also been unreliable. He’s prone to have weak trips from time to time. He spins to the right, and right-handed riders have had the most success against him. Alves should easily get a score here. This bull isn’t easy to ride, but Alves isn’t easy to get on the ground either.

Shane Proctor rides Flint for 86.75 points in Round 1 of the 2013 PBR Kawasaki Invitational in St. Louis.

Jordan Hupp on 055 Pitch Perfect:

This is a great draw for Hupp. He made his debut last night with Shay Marks. Pitch Perfect spun to the left, and had some backup, but his timing was so good that Marks managed to stay aboard for several rounds despite being out of position. Hupp’s riding style should make him well suited for a bull that backs up and spins away from his hand. This could be a big score.

Guytin Tsosie on 8061 TK500:

This is a good little bull and one of the better draws in this round. TK500 can be hard to get out of the chute on, but once he’s in the arena he is likely to spin both ways – usually to the left first. He’s got good timing and is ridden regularly at the Built Ford Tough Series level.

Harve Stewart on 0-1 Bono:

We haven’t seen Bono since September of last year. Jory Markiss earned 88.25 points on him in Springfield, Mo. He hasn’t been ridden since then, but he’s only had three outs in that time. In his career, he’s been a little better to right-handed riders.

Gage Gay on 844 Soldier Boy:

Matt Triplett rode Soldier Boy to an 85.75-point score in Round 1 Friday night. He’s been ridden twice in four outs this season, but he can be a handful. He’s a quick, athletic bull that can get out from under any rider. Gay will have to work hard to get him ridden.

Lachlan Richardson is thrown from Soldier Boy in Round 2 of the 2014 PBR Passport Invitational in Tacoma, Wash.

J.W. Harris on 056 South Fork:

This is another bull that just made his debut last night. He put Eduardo Aparecido down hard. He went to the left, but that by itself won’t give him an advantage over Harris. The only bulls that have thrown Harris in the past couple of weeks have had uneven rhythm. Harris is exceptionally good at recovering from being out of position and, as a result, you can expect him to ride every bull that has good timing. If he makes a mistake he can fix it. When he’s come down it’s because he made a mistake and the bull had uneven timing as well. South Fork looked pretty good last night, but he did keep to a steady rhythm.

Markus Mariluch on 14 Steamer:

This bull has proven to be pretty difficult to ride. He’s unridden in six Built Ford Tough Series outs. Gay rode him at a Touring Pro Division event last summer. He’s a little deceptive in that he starts into a spin like he’s going to be fast and relatively flat, but he’ll throw in a big leap here and there and it breaks his rhythm enough to get even the best riders on the ground.

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