The Morning Line: Bismarck, Day 2

By: Slade Long
June 18, 2016

The Morning Line Bismarck

Morning Line – Dakota Community Bank & Trust BlueDEF Tour Event

Cooper Davis on 3662 Mr. Hobbs:

Davis had a good draw and didn’t do well last night, but he’s likely to make up for it here. This bull should go into his hand, and should be a much easier bull for right-handed riders than Grandpa Joe. Brady Sims had this bull last night, and came down in 2.3 seconds.

Gage Gay on 173 Mental Revenge:

We saw this bull throw Nathan Schaper last night, but he’s a much better fit for right-handed riders. Gay has been on him twice, and rode him once for an 88 point score at a Big Sky, Montana, Touring Pro event two years ago.

Jess Lockwood on 07 Siouxper Stinger:

Siouxper Stinger doesn’t have a lot of history, and he doesn’t travel too far from home. He looked good with Chase Outlaw last night. He is unridden in five career outs, but that might change tonight. Lockwood made one of the best rides we will see this season last night, and no matter what this bull does, the degree of difficulty will be far below what Lockwood faced last night with Crossfire going away from his hand. We’ve seen Lockwood make some big rides, but last night he took it to another level on a rank bull that wasn’t necessarily the best fit for him.

Dakota Louis on 142 Criminal Intent:

Louis made a good ride in last night’s long round, and he has a chance to repeat that here. Criminal Intent is one of the nicer bulls to ride by the numbers. He’s given up three scores in his last three outs, and Corey Granger was 85 points on him last night.

Ryan Dirteater on 03 Redbone:

This could be the most obvious matchup of the night. This is a good draw for any left-handed rider, and it’s an especially good draw for Dirteater who has been on him twice before and has two scores to show for it, including an 87.5 point score in Chicago earlier this season.

Joao Ricardo Vieira on 1275 Joe the Grinder:

Vieira rode a nice bull going into his hand last night, and bucked off Jack Daniels After Party away from his hand in the short round. This bull will definitely spin away from his hand, and he’s a test, but he’s easier to handle than After Party. Joe the Grinder had great timing and no tricks, but he bucks hard enough to get most BFTS level riders on the ground.

Marco Antonio Eguchi on 107 Arm Breaker:

This is a relatively new bull. We saw him throw off Slick Phelps last night, but he’s got three other outs recorded over the past year, and all three of those resulted in qualified rides. Eguchi will be the best rider he’s gone against as well.

Mike Lee on 716 Sunday Funday:

This bull was quick and energetic with Brant Atwood last night, spinning both ways and carrying Atwood to an 88 point score and second in the round. Lee certainly has a chance on any bull here, and this one doesn’t fit his style perfectly. Lee is really good at not throwing himself off. He waits for the bull to do something, and he reacts to it. He doesn’t try to anticipate, and that’s the key to his success. Quick bulls that stay close to the ground are a little tougher to track, and they can give him problems sometimes, but it’s not anything he can’t overcome.

Wallace de Oliveira on 30 Springer Mountain:

Marco Eguchi was 85.5 points on Springer Mountain last night, and overall, this is a bull that gets ridden pretty often. He likes to go to the left, and that will be away from Oliveira’s hand, but he’s ridden often by right-handed riders because he was great timing.

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