The Morning Line: Bulls on the Beach

The key thing to watch for here is the top four guys in the standings. If this were a draft round, Guilherme Marchi and Fabiano Vieira both drew bulls that would have gone last in the draft, while the world standings leader Joao Ricardo Vieira drew one of the bulls that would have been picked first. Silvano Alves drew into an even match, but he’s been dominant lately, and could easily turn in a score here. There are a lot of points available in this round, and this is an important event for the World Championship contenders.


Stormy Wing on 80 Jeremiah:

This bull belongs to Rob Smets, and he’s unridden so far. He’s only got nine outs to his credit, but he’s looked very good when we’ve seen him at the Built Ford Tough Series level. He threw Guilherme Marchi in Biloxi, Mississippi, and got the best of Kody Lostroh in Nashville, Tennessee.

Kasey Hayes on 84U Buck Dynasty:

Hayes has his hands full here. Buck Dynasty has been ridden just twice in 57 career outs. He’s out of line, and he’s not a favorite of the riders. As it happens, Hayes has an advantage that no rider before him has had on this bull. Buck Dynasty typically bucks with a lot of head movement, and that can be unsettling to even veteran riders, particularly if the bull has horns. The catch here is that Buck Dynasty doesn’t have horns – anymore. He was out for much of this season with horn infection problems, and ended up having both of his horns removed. That’s a plus for Hayes, but it’s not a huge one. Expect Buck Dynasty to bring it.

Emilio Resende on 706 Percolator:

This bull’s style really should fit Resende, but it hasn’t yet. They’ve met twice before, and Resende hasn’t made it to the three second mark. Percolator goes to the left, and Resende tends to make big sweeping moves with his free arm and that can cost him on bulls going away from his hand. Their history aside, Percolator is a big bull with big jumps and good timing. He’s one of the better draws in this round, and he should be a great fit for Resende or any of the other riders here.

Marco Eguchi on 01 Velvet Rain:

There are three bulls in this round with significantly less experience, and this is one of them. He’s also one of the few bulls here that isn’t on the finals list. On paper, he looks like the easiest bull in the round — he’s been ridden twice in just four career outs. Cody Lambert thinks he’s a better bull outdoors, and expects him to show well here.

Valdiron de Oliveira on 654 Stanley Fat Max:

This is one of the most difficult bulls in PBR history. He’s 86-4 overall, and 42-3 against elite level riders. Oliveira has been a victim three different times, but in their most recent meeting in Oakland, California, Oliveira did make it to the 7.53 second mark.

Chase Outlaw on 850 I’m a Gangster Too:

They met in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 2013, and Outlaw came down quick. Gangster is a bull that likes to go to the right, but he’s been ridden only by left-handed riders. He typically has a lot of kick and while he is honest and rideable, he won’t allow the rider to get away with any mistake however slight.

Eduardo Aparecido on 810 Hungry Eyes:

Hungry Eyes is unridden in six career outs, and Aparecido is his latest victim. They met in Laughlin, Nevada, about a month ago, and Aparecido came down in just under 4 seconds.

Gage Gay on 90 LL Cool J:

This bull has been ridden a couple of times this season for 84.5 point scores, but we’ve seen him look extremely good at times. He’s got some speed, and he likes to spin, and if Gay can keep up, he’s likely to get a good score.

Cody Nance on 62 Mr. Bull:

This is probably the bull most of these guys were hoping to draw, and Nance is the guy who did draw him. Mr. Bull spins to the left immediately, and as soon as the chute opens he’s going as hard as he can from the first jump. This quick start gets a lot of riders on the ground. Nance has had him before – they met in round two of last year’s World Finals, and while Nance didn’t make the whistle, he didn’t miss it by much. He hung in for 7.45 seconds.

Matt Triplett on 378 Oklahoma Bell:

Joao Ricardo Vieira is the only man to have ridden Oklahoma Bell, and he did it on one of the bull’s weakest trips. This bull is supposed to be good enough possibly compete for World Champion Bull, and in his most recent out in Oakland, he showed it. Triplett will have his hands full with a really strong bull here.

Mike Lee on D18 Riding Dirty No Restraint:

This is another bull that isn’t on the World Finals list. We only have a couple of outs on record for him, and he wasn’t ridden in either of them. He’s the only bull here making his BFTS debut, and that gives Lee a huge advantage in experience.

Silvano Alves on 159 Alright Alright Alright:

Although this bull has been ridden a couple of times this season, when we last saw him in Oakland, he threw Guilherme Marchi off going into his hand. Although he went to the right with Marchi, he hasn’t been ridden by a right handed rider yet. He’s 8-0 against them. Alves is riding at full strength right now, and he’s just 737 points out of first place in the standings. He could make up some ground here — two of the guys ahead of him have drawn bulls more difficult than this one.

Fabiano Vieira on 1237 Walk Off:

Walk off is similar to Buck Dynasty, in that he’s out of line, and really doesn’t have a set pattern or good timing. He is one of the more difficult bulls here. He’s been ridden just once in 25 career outs. Vieira will have his hands full. He needs the points, and he doesn’t have a bull that gives them up.

Joao Ricardo Vieira on 96 Fire Rock:

Of the top four riders, Vieira drew the best. This is a well-known bull to the riders. They’ve seen a lot of him this year. He likes to go to the left, which will be into Vieira’s hand. He tends to go out a few jumps before he spins, and he’s got a lot of buck to go with his spin. He can loosen guys up with big jumps and high kicks all the way through. Vieira has a great opportunity to distance himself from his most serious challengers here — none of whom drew this well.

Guilherme Marchi on 81 Mick E. Mouse:

They met back in January in Oklahoma City, and Marchi came down quick. Mick E. Mouse has reached 30 career outs and is still unridden. He’s on a run of 25-straight buckoffs at the Built Ford Tough Series level, and he is every bit as difficult as his record implies. However, it is a matter of time before someone rides him, and that someone is very likely to be right-handed. Mick E. Mouse likes to go to the right, and once he gets into the spin he’s manageable. He doesn’t really get any easier, but he does have some rhythm, and if a guy can find it, he’s got a chance. J.W. Harris nearly rode him in Thackerville. The odds are against Marchi here, but he’s really got better odds than anyone else here on this bull.

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