The Morning Line: Colorado Springs, Day 1

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – The Built Ford Tough Series heads into The Broadmoor World Arena on Saturday night for the Rumble in the Rockies.

Here are some matchups to watch in Round 1.

Guilherme Marchi on 32Y Bruiser:

Bruiser is the best bull in this round, he’ll be one of the best bulls at this event, and this is the marquee matchup in the first round. Bruiser will go away from Marchi’s hand, and he is all business. Marchi won’t be able to clamp down and dominate him – he’ll have to make all the right moves. Bruiser has never given up a qualified ride to a right-handed rider.

Bryan Titman on -969 Little Bighorn:

Titman likes bulls that go to the left – away from his hand – and this one does just that. We’ve only seen him on tour once this year, but this bull is rideable, and when he faces the better riders he does get ridden pretty often.

Robson Palermo on Y1 Crazy Days:

This is a quality, young bull that just hasn’t been around that much. He’s pretty solid in every respect. He should turn back to the left and he’s got enough break and drop that he can punish any mistake.  I bet we see a big ride here. Crazy Days should be right up Palermo’s alley.

Stetson Lawrence on 786 Arrow Truck Sales Hot Iron:

This is a good bull – one of the better bulls in the round – but he only gives up scores to the better riders who face him, and not all of them. Hot Iron is sort of a litmus test bull. If a rider doesn’t have what it takes to win at this level, he won’t get by this bull. Bull riding is a tough sport, and you can have a bull riding competition using nothing but bulls that are relatively easy to ride, and most riders will do better at an event like that. But, like Conway Twitty said, “It’s only make believe.” Bulls that are tough to ride make it real.

Valdiron de Oliveira on R287-01 Closing Time:

Closing Time is a pretty good draw for right-handed guys. He’s never been ridden by a lefty, but he’s been ridden by nearly half the right-handed guys who’ve been on him. That said, Oliveira tried him in Thackerville, Oklahoma, last season and didn’t get it done.

Douglas Duncan on 885 Soldier’s Pride:

This matchup has a lot of potential. In Billings, Montana, Duncan rode a bull called Donardo to win a round. This bull will be similar, but a little better and a little harder to ride than Donardo. He should go to the left, and he should be a good fit for Duncan.

Kaique Pacheco on 124 Spin Machine:

Bull riders are always happy to draw a quality bull that spins with good timing, that’s really what every rider hopes for every time. If a rider doesn’t know anything about the bull he has drawn except that his name is Spin Machine, then that is exactly what he should expect. Just about every bull with spin in his name does spin, and a large majority of bulls with machine in their name do have good timing. This bull indeed has both, and, subsequently, Pacheco should like him a lot.

Brady Sims on 15L C-Note:

To build on the idea of bulls living up to their names, in a perfect world this bull would be named Swiss Spin Machine. Because, you know, the Swiss build things that operate with precision timing. C-Note can spin either way, and he does it like clockwork either way. He’s one of the best draws in the PBR because of this. This will be the first time we’ve seen him this season, and Sims is the lucky guy who drew him.

15/15 Bucking Battle

Cooper Davis on 316 Cowboy’s Dance Hall’s Panda Trax:

Panda Trax is the every man’s hard working no-nonsense, kind of short-round bull. He’s not a pampered superstar who travels around in a velvet lined trailer. He doesn’t make headlines, and he’s never mentioned as one of the best bulls in a round. He does show up and do his job. He’s been ridden just five times in his 47-out, five-year career. He’ll have one or two wild jumps before he turns back, and he usually gets guys out of shape before he makes the corner.

Cody Nance on 02 Beaver Creek Beau:

This is not the best draw for a left-handed rider. Ryan Dirteater rode him when he was young and Beau had more speed and less power at the time. His bucking style is now tougher on a guy going away from his hand.

Shane Proctor on 90 Boot Jack:

These two met in St. Louis and Boot Jack won the match, but he did it with a dirty trick. When Reese Cates rode him in Billings he was honest, but in Des Moines, he was a little shady again. That’s what will tell the tale here. If he has an honest trip, Proctor is likely to ride him and could win the round. If he scoots around, moves forward or opens up during the spin, he’s a lot for anyone to handle.

Mike Lee on 1037 Cooper Tires Brown Sugar:

There’s no real mystery to Brown Sugar. He’s going to bring it and is good enough to win most of the time. He’s not intimidating, and he gets the best effort of every rider who gets on him. He’ll usually start to the left, makes a half a round or more and then goes back to the right. He can stay hooked to the left, and that is the best chance for Lee.

Fabiano Vieira on 045 Diesel:

This is a very showy bull that will jump high and stay in the air a good bit. He goes to the left, but he’s been pretty good at throwing off left-handed guys. In fact, he’s surprisingly good. Given his bucking style, he should get ridden more often, and Vieira might be the guy to do it.

Ben Jones on 922 Modified Clyde:

This is a good match. Modified Clyde can go either way. Ben probably has a better chance if he goes to the right, but this is a pretty honest bull with pretty good timing – and good timing always helps the rider. Clyde typically out works his opponents and wears them down. He’s not the kind of bull that just does guys in with a big jump or two.

J.W. Harris on 706 Percolator:

Percolator will go to the left and away from Harris’s hand, but he does everything possible to help the rider stay on for a bull of his caliber. He’s just good enough to throw most of them off anyway. Harris is a very fundamentally sound rider, and he rides bulls away from his hand as well as anyone. This is the bull to have in this round, but Harris will need to be mistake-free.

Reese Cates on 44W Stone Sober:

A couple of years ago, Emilio Resende rode Stone Sober going away from his hand, and that ride may have been underappreciated at the time. It’s hard to imagine a bull that would be harder for a right-handed rider to get by than this one. Stone Sober goes to the left, and he can roll pretty hard to the right at the same time. He’s a little inconsistent and can be downright awful at times, and that is the only variable here. If he has an off day, Cates has a chance. If he has a great day, the odds are with the bull in a big way.

J.B. Mauney on 43X Lane’s Magic Train:

Magic Train likes to go to the left, and he’s a little out of line. Over the years we’ve seen Mauney make some great rides on this kind of bull. This bull is somewhat reminiscent of another Page bull – Crosswired – that Mauney turned in a couple of 93-plus point rides on some years ago.

Kaique Pacheco on 1237 Walk Off:

Walk Off is one of the most difficult bulls to ride in the PBR, and Pacheco has struggled against the top bulls. He should go away from Pacheco’s hand as well and that all adds up to Pacheco being a big underdog here.

Guilherme Marchi on 841 Wicked:

These two have met twice before, and Marchi rode him to win the 15/15 round at this event last year. This doesn’t mean Marchi has him figured out. Wicked is a very difficult bull every time out, but Marchi has a better shot at him than most guys.

Valdiron de Oliveira on 122 Cooper Tires Semper Fi:

Semper Fi is a lot like Boot Jack. You might describe him as Boot Jack light. He’s not quite as much bull, but he has a shady side. He can shift around and move away from the rider in the spin. He likes to go to the left, and that will have Oliveira at a disadvantage. Like Boot Jack, a lot depends on the bull in this matchup. If he’s honest, Oliveira has a better chance.

Nathan Schaper on 58X Sweet Pro’s Long John:

Long John is a contender for World Champion bull, and he’s as powerful a bull as there is going right now. But, to Nathan Schaper, he’s just another bull. Schaper has been on him three times, rode him twice, and took him 7.3 seconds in the unsuccessful attempt.  This bull is by no means easy, but he seems to be a pretty good fit for Schaper. This is one of the more interesting matchups in the round.

Matt Triplett on 850 I’m a Gangster Too:

This bull is like a box of Chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get. He could be the best bull here, or he could be barely good enough to fit in this round. He typically goes to the right, but he’s only been ridden by left-handed riders. This is a bull with a compact build who can kick straight up over his head and doesn’t leave much room for error on the part of the rider. Triplett will have to be perfect to get the job done.

Joao Ricardo Vieira on 978 Little Red Jacket:

This is a very good bull, and one of the better bulls to have in this round, but he most definitely will go to the right, which has been a problem at times for Vieira. Little Red Jacket is third on the list of round points-producing bulls this season, and he’ll produce some points for Vieira if he can get the job done going away from his hand.


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