The Morning Line: Fresno, Day 2

There are a lot of riders matched up well in this round, really too many to mention all of them. There are a number of rematches where the rider was successful, and in general the riders should be favored as a group here. That should translate to a lot of qualified rides, and the guys who had lower scores yesterday really need to get another bull ridden today or they will be left out of the Built Ford Tough Championship Round.

Brady Sims on 821 Super Kool Kat:

This is a rematch from this event a year ago. Sims was 84.25 points on Super Kool Kat in Round 1 here last year. It wasn’t enough to place him in that round, but this bull can have stronger days than that. Sims got a score last night, and should get another here, but this bull is no picnic, and he’s meaner than the average bull.

J.W. Harris on 910 California Kid:

This is an awfully nice bull that goes to the right, into Harris’ hand. This should be a slam dunk. California Kid doesn’t get ridden very often, and he should be worth a score good enough to place in the round on. Ben Jones was 86 points on him in Sacramento, California, and that would have won second in last night’s round.

Fabiano Vieira on 8075 Dirt Devil:

Dirt Devil is not the easiest bull out today, but against lefties he’s given up some good scores. This should be an easy victory for Vieira, and another score to add to his 84 last night. But again, it won’t be easy to place in this round, because there’s likely to be a lot of qualified rides.

Valdiron de Oliveira on 691 Meathook:

You have to think that a guy that gets a score in Round 1 and draws Meathook in Round 2 is on the road to success. This is an honest bull who is a pretty good fit for every single guy who gets on him, but typically bucks hard enough to throw anyone off. He doesn’t really have any tricks, he’s just very good. Over the past five years, Meathook is among the Top-10 bulls in the PBR in terms of round points earned.

Guilherme Marchi on 1467 Boogeyman:

Boogeyman is 3-5 against right-handed riders, and he’s probably going to be 3-6 after this. Marchi should be good for a second qualified ride here. This is a bull that usually isn’t going to beat guys at this level, and certainly not at Marchi’s level.

J.B. Mauney on 920 Bring It On:

Mauney was 87.25 points on this bull in Springfield, Missouri, last fall. But, Bring it on hasn’t given up a score since, and he’s only been ridden twice in 17 career outs. So, he’s got the ability to beat the better guys, and this probably won’t be a cakewalk for Mauney.

Luis Blanco on 253 Rough ‘em Up Tuck:

This is a rematch from Chicago earlier this season, and Blanco put up 85.25 points in that match. Rough ‘em Up Tuck is as rider friendly of a bull as we will see all season on the Built Ford Tough Series, and the judges like to give him good scores. If Blanco can sit still and stay off Tuck’s head, this bull will do all the work for him. Riders at this level can fall off of any of these bulls if they lose focus, and that’s the only way this bull is going to get anyone on the ground.

Mike Lee on 36 Dream Catcher:

Lee and Dream Catcher met last summer at a Touring Pro Division event in Lancaster, California, where Lee was 88 points to win the short round and the event. That doesn’t mean Lee has the day off here. Lee’s ride is one of only two this bull has given up, and he threw Chase Outlaw and Renato Nunes off in Anaheim, California, a few weeks ago.

Eduardo Aparecido on B111 Kiss Animalize:

Animalize is second only to Crack The Whip in earning round points for riders this season, and he’s not far behind. Obviously he’s one of the better draws at this event, and really at any event. He’s especially good to right-handed riders, and Aparecido was 90 points on him to win the 15/15 round in New York early this season.


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