The morning line: Idaho, day two

By: Slade Long April 05, 2014@ 09:00:00 AM

NAMPA, Idaho ― With only seven scores on the board after Round 1, this event is still wide open. The riders failed to convert on a lot of good opportunities on Friday night.

Chad VanAmburg on 93 Plummer Butt:

Plummer Butt has been ridden in more than half his outs at the Built Ford Tough Series level and that ranks him among the easier long-round bulls. He’s pretty similar to the bull J.W. Harris rode last night – Team Paige – except he spins to the right. This is an excellent opportunity for the right-handed VanAmburg to get his first score at this level.

Joao Ricardo Vieira on 906 Breakdown:

Most left-handed guys do well on Breakdown. J.B. Mauney earned 90.75 points on him to win Round 4 of the 2013 Built Ford Tough World Finals. This is one of the prettiest looking bulls you will see at this event and one of the nicest draws in the pen for a left-handed guy.

Guilherme Marchi on 84 Megaton:

They met previously in New York in 2013 and Marchi posted 86 points on Megaton there. Marchi had trouble getting to Nampa, but he shouldn’t have that much trouble getting a score once he’s arrived.

J.W. Harris on 86I Speckled Ivory:

Speckled Ivory is a seasoned veteran with 48 outs on Tour. He’s been pretty effective at throwing guys off throughout his career until this season. Riders are 5-for-5 on him this year. Harris has a great shot at picking up a second score here.

Kasey Hayes on G243 Pretty Boy Floyd:

Pretty Boy Floyd hasn’t been ridden since Robson Palermo rode him in New York at the beginning of this season. But, he’s almost exclusively faced right-handed riders since then. He’s been ridden by half the lefties who have been on him and Hayes has a good chance here.

Mike Lee on 942 Mr. Clark:

This was one of the better bulls out Friday. Stormy Wing couldn’t keep up with him. Mr. Clark has only two outs on tour, but he’s been around the pro rodeo circuit a good bit and is unridden in 32 career outs.

Zane Lambert on 6220 RFD-HD:

Lambert won Round 1 and has one of the best bulls out Saturday night. Unfortunately, RFD-HD is also one of the most difficult bulls in the world to ride. The thing to watch with him is the handhold of the bull rope where the rider holds on. This bull can make that part of his body move a lot. He can lurch forward at times and can generate a lot of breakover. Some bulls jump in the air and kind of hang there and give the rider time to react. This one won’t. He keeps the pressure on the riding arm, and he is hard to handle.

Jay Miller on 97 Black Friday:

Black Friday got the best of Kasey Hayes last night, and he has yet to be ridden by a right-handed rider, so the odds are against the right-handed Miller. But while Miller hasn’t ridden a bull at this level yet, this is a kid we will be seeing as a regular on tour soon enough. Lots of guys do well in the Touring Pro Division, but Miller dominates. Even with three buckoffs in the past two weeks, he’s still ridden 68 percent of his bulls this season. Barring injury, he will make it at this level.

Fabiano Vieira on U2 Prince Albert:

I’m not sure what the injury status is on Vieira or whether he will be able to ride tonight, but if he does get on, he will be getting on the pick of the litter. Prince Albert has been ridden 22 times in his career, and 12 of those rides were round winners. Vieira has been on him three times and ridden him twice.

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