The Morning Line: Kansas City, Day 1

Saturday’s round is an ABBI Classic Round, meaning all of these bulls are 3 to 4-year-olds competing for the ABBI Classic Championship. Being young bulls, most of them don’t have much history, some of them will be making their debut tonight, and out of the 35 bulls out in tonight’s round, 21 of them are coming into this round with an unridden record. Lots of these unridden bulls just haven’t hooked up with the right rider yet, and their chances of remaining unridden go way down when they come up to this level. We saw a lot of these bulls for the first time in Oklahoma City, and a lot of what we know about them comes from their performance there.

Sean Willingham on 32Y Bruiser:

Bruiser is a cut above almost all the other bulls in this round. He’s got a lot more experience than most bulls his age. He competed in the Classics as a 3-year-old last year and ended up second to Long John at the World Finals. He’s a true short-round-caliber bull who is only in the long round because of the ABBI competition. He’s also an honest bull, does everything well, and is the kind of bull that these guys hope to draw every time. There’s only one bull in this round who help someone beat Willingham if he stays on. If he stays on is a big if too — Bruiser has yet to give up a qualified ride to a right-handed rider. The silver lining is that Bruiser tends to get a lot of riders down on his head, and Willingham’s style fits that kind of bull.

Renato Nunes on 124 Spin Machine:

When we last saw this bull he was a little bit of a surprise. Matt Triplett split a round in Oklahoma City on him with 89 points, and that was in his Built Ford Tough Series (BFTS) debut. He’s a great draw in this round, and even more so for Nunes. He went to the left with Triplett, and that will be into Nunes’ hand.

Shane Proctor on 136 Uncle Tink:

J.B. Mauney rode Uncle Tink in Oklahoma City to split the round with Triplett, but Triplett probably should have won the round by himself. This bull is just a little nicer than Spin Machine. He had near perfect timing with Mauney, and went to the left. Proctor should be able to handle him easily, and should get a very good score.

Fabiano Vieira on 186 Up North Express:

We saw this bull in Oklahoma City as well, and Eduardo Aparecido was 84 points on him there. He goes to the left, and he has a few big jumps right out of the chute, but if Vieira makes it into the spin this will be over right then. He’s too nice in the spin to get rid of Vieira.

Kaique Pacheco on Y16 Brutus:

This is the one bull who could out-class Bruiser in this round, and he did just that in Oklahoma City. This is the marquee matchup of the night. Pacheco is coming off a great weekend in St. Louis, and Brutus is world class rank. He’s unridden in 12 career outs, and if he is ridden you can bet on a score north of 90 points. Keep an eye on this bull, because he’s a future superstar.

Matt Triplett on 102 Big Dip:

This is the bull that broke Silvano Alves’ record riding streak earlier this year, and he kind of did it in a cheap fashion. He pulled a dirty move on Alves, and it was close to a foul, but not quite. Triplett needs to bounce back and keep his momentum going forward, and it looks like he’s have to do it on a not very nice, not very easy, bull here.

Stetson Lawrence on 110 Whataburger:

If you know your burgers, you know this bull has to be from Texas. Like many of the other young bulls, he made his BFTS debut in Oklahoma City. To the eye he has decent timing and doesn’t look exceptionally difficult. He’s likely to spin to the left. What’s interesting about him is that he has four career outs, and he’s earned 22 points on at least one side in all four. That translates to a bull you can be 90 points on.

Jay Miller on 1149 Pearl Harbor:

This is another young bull with quite a bit of experience for his age. Matt Triplett rode him at the World Finals for 87.25 points, and he got the best of Joao Vieira in Oklahoma City and put up a 44.5-point bull score doing it. He’s projected to be one of the better bulls out tonight, and Miller can certainly win something on him if he can get to the whistle.

Skeeter Kingsolver on -122 Brass Rain:

Brass Rain carried Gage Gay to an 88-point score in Biloxi, Mississippi, last August, and more recently Renato Nunes was 88.25 points on him in Oklahoma City. Those are really the best two riders that have been on him. His record says he’s pretty good to ride, and that’s perfect for Kingsolver, who is here because Ryan Dirteater is out with an injury. Kingsolver needs to ride and place here, and it looks like he has a bull that can get him there.


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