The Morning Line: Kansas City, Day 2

Round 2 Matchups:

Bonner Bolton on 03 Redbone:

This is a good-sized bull with a big wide set horns, who pretty much telegraphs everything he’s about to do. He bucks with some flair, he looks wild and western, but he’s not particularly fast and compared to other bulls it’s not hard to see what’s coming on the next jump. As you would expect, he gets ridden quite a bit. At this level, he’s 3-3 and most guys at this level should be able to handle him. The real danger is over-riding a bull like this. Redbone likes to go to the right, and Bolton is right-handed, so I would looks for Bolton to pick up a second score here and head to the short round near the top.

Renato Nunes on 991 Crystal Pistol:

Nunes has had this bull twice before, and I probably wrote about it each time, but he has nothing to show for it yet. This is a bull that Nunes should ride and be a lot of points on, but he had him last year and couldn’t get out of the chute on him, and he had him last week and bucked off. The bull goes to the right, which often doesn’t fit Nunes well, but this is a very rideable bull that lefties have had plenty of success on.

Eduardo Aparecido on 140 Dr. Lector:

Aparecido needs points, and he could easily pick up a second-straight score here. Lector will probably go away from his hand, but this bull is pretty slow and very rideable. Cooper Davis was 89 on him at the Touring Pro Division finale in Denver last month.

Silvano Alves on 013 Tracker:

Alves may have come down last night, but he’s not out of this yet. He could be a lot of points here if this bull has a good day. Tracker can have a little forward movement or a little drift, but he tends to have a lot of kick, and nothing he does plays into any weakness Alves may have. Usually when Alves bucks off he gets his weight tilted forward and into his hand. This bull won’t really try to put him there, so Alves should be alright. The main issue here is that Tracker isn’t an automatic round win. He’s just good enough to put a guy at 87-88 points usually, and we often see bulls have off days with Alves aboard. In this situation he needs the points, and he needs this bull to do his best.

Kaique Pacheco on 922 Modified Clyde:

Like last night, this is a great draw for Pacheco, and an opportunity for a round win. Modified Clyde is usually one of the better bulls in any long round. He’s pretty fast, and he can spin either way, but the biggest hurdle is that he can be bad in the chute. More than a few guys last night had more trouble in the chute than they should have, and some of them simply looked like they didn’t know what they were doing. There’s an art to getting out on a bull that gives trouble in the chute, and different bulls need to be approached in different ways. What happens inside the chute can have an effect on what happens in the arena, and guys really have to want to get out of there to get good at it. Some of the best riders in the PBR aren’t very good at it at times.

Kasey Hayes on 552 Loco Lizard:

This is a rematch from Baltimore where Hayes was 87.25 points to win second in a round. Loco Lizard is a good bull, but at this level he’s likely to get ridden pretty often. He tends to go to the left, and Hayes is one of the best riders going at riding bulls that spin into his hand.

Douglas Duncan on 040 Missouri Boat Ride:

Renato Nunes rode this bull in St. Louis last week for an 87.75 point score and a third place finish in Round 2. The bigger picture is that Missouri Boat Ride rarely bucks anyone off. He’s been ridden in 10 of 14 career outs, and at the BFTS level he’s 0-4. Duncan needs points, and he should get some here. This is as nice a bull to ride as we will see on tour, and he’s good enough to place in the round on.

J.W. Harris on R287-01 Closing Time:

Closing Time isn’t ridden a lot, but when he is it’s always by a right-handed rider. Harris should get a second score here and move on to the short round. Harris has been riding well under his normal pace, and you’ve got to figure on him correcting that at some point. He’s a guy that won’t stay down.

Fabiano Vieira on 83 Cowboy Up:

This bull will be a little harder to ride than the one Vieira had last night, but he’s still no match for a guy who rides as well as Vieira. As in just about every matchup we see for this guy, the biggest issue is the shoulder injury. This bull has more action and moves across the arena more than most, and that can require bigger moves and more balance corrections, which is what guys with a free arm shoulder injury have problems with.


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