The Morning Line: Last Cowboy Standing, Day 2

Friday night was a big win for the riders. Cody Lambert expected they might get 40 percent of the bulls ridden, and they beat that with 24 qualified rides in 50 outs.

Tonight, it will get considerably tougher. The bulls in Round 2 are a step up from what we saw last night, and most of the riders aren’t matched up particularly well in this round. The guys who do get through here will see the best bulls in the PBR in Round 3.

Cooper Davis on 77 Calypso:

This is one of the better draws in the round, especially for right-handed riders. He typically has great timing and goes to the right. He had a wonky trip with Shane Proctor in Seattle, and was much harder to ride there, but on his normal day, Davis should handle him. Of all the newer guys on tour, Davis stands out. He’s struggled a little at the Built Ford Tough Series (BFTS) level, but his career numbers say he should be a regular. He has a good ride last night, and is set for another here.

Marco Eguchi on 991 Crystal Pistol:

This is a good bull that can get in the air and buck hard, but he has pretty good timing and he’s not the fastest spinning bull around. He can be a little unpredictable. He may have trouble deciding which way to spin, and he may not stay hooked in one direction. Overall, he’s a good match for Eguchi, and Eguchi really needs to make a good showing at this event.

Guthrie Long on 023 Rusty:

Long is a longshot to win this event, but he made it to this round, and he’s managed to draw a pretty rideable bull out of this group. Rusty tends to go to the right, and he’s been pretty nice for right-handed riders, but Long is left-handed, so he’ll have to get it done going away from his hand.

Bryan Titman on 09 Legal Tender:

This is a rematch from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where Titman bucked off in less than 3 seconds. This is a bull that does give up some rides, but he can be a handful. He has some backup and wants to flip guys over his front end. He can have some speed as well, but he does everything with pretty good timing, so he’s a better draw than some of the other bulls here.

Shane Proctor on -24X Butcher’s Nightmare:

Proctor bucked off of this bull at the Iron Cowboy, but, this is still the best match between rider and bull in this round, and Proctor should be considered the favorite here. Butcher’s Nightmare goes to the right, and he’s capable of throwing anyone, but if a guy can get going on him, he is rideable, and has been good for right handed riders.

Tanner Byrne on 22 Muddy Smile:

Muddy Smile has been ridden by around half the right-handed guys who have tried him, and on paper this looks favorable for Byrne. But, this is a quick little bull that moves around a lot, and he may not be a great fit for a tall rider. Byrne will have to work hard to get this one twisted.

Kaique Pacheco on 98 City Lights:

This is a bull we don’t see very often, but he has been pretty good at times. Matt Triplett rode him at the 2013 World Finals, and we’ve only seen him once on tour since then. From what we have seen of him, he isn’t too much for Pacheco to handle.

Fabiano Vieira on 1031 Vegas Outlaw:

These two met in Sioux Falls earlier this season, but Vieira was disqualified for taking too much time in the chute. Vegas Outlaw doesn’t have many career outs, but he’s got the highest average bull score of any bull in this round. He’s also a little wild and wooly, and the lack of mobility in Vieira’s free arm may be more of a factor on this bull than it was on the bull Vieira had last night.

Joao Ricardo Vieira on 96 Fire Rock:

This will be the fourth time these two have met, and Vieira is 1-for-3 so far. Fire Rock tends to go out a ways before he turns back, but once he gets into a spin he can be pretty fast and pretty steep. He is rideable, but he’s not tolerant of mistakes. Vieira should have a slight edge here.

Neil Holmes on 911 Dakota Style’s Hy Test:

Holmes has a solid ride last night, and he’s got a very good draw here. Hy Test goes to the left, and he will drift across the arena while spinning. He can reverse the spin, but he’s got good timing whatever he does. Holmes is capable of handling him so long as he doesn’t make any big mistakes.


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