The Morning Line: Laughlin, Day 2

Round 2 Matchups:

Chase Outlaw on 94X Crazy Trip:

Outlaw didn’t get a score in the first round, but he’s got a good chance here. Crazy Trip has faced three left-handed riders, and gave up a score to two of them. We haven’t seen this bull at the Built Ford Tough Series level yet.

Tanner Byrne on 93Y Hitchiker:

This is a brand new bull with just one out on record. Like several other bulls out in this round, he was at a Touring Pro event in Prescott, Arizona, a month ago. Tyler Harr put up 88 points on him there, and if he has the same trip he should be one of the most rider-friendly bulls at this event. Byrne probably won’t be more than 84-86 points on him, but it will be a second score and a ticket to the short round.

Mike Lee on 1-2 Dr. Wishes:

This is not the safest bull Lee could have drawn here. JB Mauney was 86.5 points on Dr. Wishes in Thackerville, Oklahoma, but overall this bull has been ridden just twice in 22 outs, and he’s thrown off some pretty tough riders.

JW Harris on 60X No Regrets:

No Regrets was ridden by Chase Outlaw back in January, and aside from that he’s recorded 17 buckoffs. When you watch this bull, that is a little surprising, because he spins to the right with great timing, and there is nothing about him that looks difficult. He’s 5-0 against right- handed riders, but I’d expect Harris to be able to ride him to the grocery store and back. Unless this bull has something he’s not showing, he should be one of the nicer bulls on tour – especially for right-handed guys.

Matt Triplett on 801 Pretty Boy:

Triplett had this bull in Billings, Montana, earlier this year, but was fouled and got a re-ride on him. That was a bad break, because this bull is a great fit for Triplett. He should go to the right, and he’s honest and strong. Look for Triplett to get another score.

Neil Holmes on 113Y Reaganator:

Jordan Hupp was 89 points on Reaganator at a Touring Pro Division event last month. He was as nice and even as a bull could be, and Holmes should easily pick up a second score here. He’ll have to do it going away from his hand, but that shouldn’t be a problem. Holmes is one of the better riders from the Touring Pro Division ranks, and we should see more of him on tour.

Marco Eguchi on 906 Boo-Ray:

Boo-Ray has been ridden in 3-of-5 Built Ford Tough Series outs, and three of the four times he’s faced a right-handed rider. Eguchi has the advantage here, and should pick up a second score.

Silvano Alves on 631 Mr. Twitter:

Mr. Twitter hasn’t given up a ride to a right-handed rider yet, but that is about to change. He’s a bull that has near perfect timing, and unless he throws some kind of changeup he is not going to buck Alves off. Cody Nance rode him at a Touring Pro Division in Bismarck, North Dakota, in June, and his timing was so even he looked like a broken record.

Kody Lostroh on 1415 Palm Springs:

This will be a tough task for Lostroh. Palm Springs is a seasoned veteran bull with 95 career outs, and he’s 36-4 against left-handed riders. Lostroh has faced him twice before with no success. When Palm Springs goes into a spin, he tends to spin fast while bucking slower, so his timing is not broken, but it’s odd. It’s just enough to get most guys on the ground.

Lachlan Richardson on X18 More Big Bucks:

More Big Bucks has been ridden twice in two Built Ford Tough Series outs, and he should be ridden most of the time at this level. He goes to the left, which will be away from Richardson’s hand, but his timing is solid, and he’s honest. The top-tier riders who succeed at this level should ride him 70 percent of the time.

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