The Morning Line: Louisville, Day 2

Morning Line – Louisville Round 2:

There wasn’t much movement at the top of the standings last night, although Joao Ricardo Vieira being the only guy to stay on one is looking better in the average than J.B. Mauney, Kaique Pacheco, Matt Triplett and J.W. Harris. Three guys around the bubble did well — Palermo won the round and may have clinched a World Finals spot. Brady Sims and Douglas Duncan both placed and are both in a good position right now, but they may need to do more work here to hold off challengers.

Round 2 Matchups:

Douglas Duncan on 503 Imagine That:

This is a bull that bucks off more guys than you would think just looking at him. He has decent timing, but he works a lot of riders off close to the whistle. Duncan had him earlier this year, and took him 7 seconds before coming down. He needs to close the deal here, because he’s in a good position at this event and needs the points. Imagine That is definitely rideable, and the better riders have done pretty well against him. Duncan should have the edge here.

J.W. Harris on 1R6 I Get That:

Harris really didn’t have a great night last night. His first bull had the most miserable trip possible, and Harris somehow managed to stay on and earn a reride. Then he came down early on his reride bull. He should turn things around here. I Get That is a solid draw. He will spin to the left, and he has never given up a ride to a right-handed rider, but he hasn’t faced any serious right-handed talent. If Harris gets out of the chute clean and makes the corner he should ride this bull all day long and could win the round on him.

Robson Aragao on 253 Rough ‘Em Up Tuck:

Tuck has been ridden nine times in 12 BFTS outs, and I’m surprised he’s bucked anyone off. He’s a little bit of a cream puff. It’s not that hard to fall off any BFTS level bull, but this one doesn’t ask much of a rider. If Aragao can sit up, sit still, and avoid the temptation to move around a lot, he should get a second score and move on to the short round in good shape.

Valdiron de Oliveira on 56 Barstool Mountain:

This bull is one of just a handful of bulls that have thrown J.B. Mauney off down the stretch this season. He got the best of Mauney in Charlotte. But, he’s 3-4 against right-handed riders, and Oliveira should have the edge here.

Robson Palermo on 309 Gas Pedal:

Neil Holmes bucked off this bull last night, but Palermo has been on him and ridden him this season already. With a round win last night, Palermo just needs any score here to be in good shape, and he should get one easily. He should be 84-86 points here.

Kaique Pacheco on 150 Big John:

This bull doesn’t have much history, but he has given up two big rides to right-handed riders in three career outs. Mason Lowe handled him in Allentown just a couple of weeks ago. Pacheco came down last night, but he should get back on track here.

Brady Sims on 08 Rectify:

Rectify has been ridden just once in 12 career outs, and he has beaten Renato Nunes, Matt Triplett, Ben Jones and Sean Willingham this season. Sims won’t have an easy time here, but he beat the odds last night, and he’s not an easy guy to get on the ground.

Tyler Harr on -9 Circle City:

Harr is currently in 40th place. He needs a ride here, and he really needs a win. He may get a score — he has ridden this bull before. They met in Chicago in January where Harr was 85.5 points. With time running out on the season, Harr needs a bigger score than that here.

Matt Triplett on 965 King Buck:

King Buck is a unique bull in that he is a quality draw that a rider can win a round on or at least place high. But, over time he has proven to be pretty easy to ride for higher-level riders. He’s been freakishly easy ride for right-handed riders, evidenced by the fact that he’s 3-14 against them in his career. Triplett reached in the Cracker Jack Box and drew out the prize here. King Buck is always the best draw in the round.

Joao Ricardo Vieira on 105Y Chantilly Lace:

Vieira one-upped everyone in the Top 5 last night by being the only one of them to make the whistle. He has a good draw here for a follow up score. This is a straightforward bull that has good timing. He can spin either way. If he spins to the left he has no chance against Vieira, and if he spins to the right, Vieira still has a chance.

Gage Gay on 740 RMEF Team Elk:

Team Elk is absolutely the next best thing to King Buck in this round. He’s a bull that brings good scores, but is disproportionally easy to ride. He tends to go to the left, but he’s 3-8 against right-handed riders in his career, mainly because he has machine like timing. Gay rode him at a Touring Pro event in 2014 for 88 points.


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