The Morning Line: Nampa, Day 2

Round 2 Matchups:

Douglas Duncan on 503 Imagine That:

Duncan placed in the round last night, and he’s got a great draw here. Imagine That has pretty steady timing, and as you would expect, he’s been ridden in about half his outs. This is as good a matchup as you will see tonight, and look for Duncan to get the job done and possibly move on to the short round in the lead.

Sean Willingham on 253 Rough ‘Em Up Tuck:

A really good bull to draw from a bull rider’s perspective is a bull that isn’t too hard to ride, but is worth a lot of points. This bull may have the best difficulty to points ratio around. He should fit Willingham perfectly. He really should fit anyone here pretty well, and his record shows that. He’s been ridden six times in eight outs this season. He’s also one of the better point producing bulls this season. He carries guys to 86-87-point scores, which will place in most rounds.

Valdiron de Oliveira on 0114 Tahonta’s Magic:

Kaique Pacheco had this bull last night, and didn’t make the whistle, but Tahonta’s Magic is usually a bull right-handed guys will get along with. Oliveira was 7.7 seconds in Round 1 on a very good bull he could have won big on. He’s got another good one here if he can convert.

Nathan Schaper on TM9 Juan Bad Cat:

This bull doesn’t have a lot of history. He threw Aaron Roy in Seattle. Prior to that, we only have him at a couple of Idaho rodeos. He has been ridden once that we know of. He won’t be as tough as either bull Schaper got on last night, and both of those bulls looked overmatched. Schaper is on his game right now, and Juan Bad Cat may not be bad enough to get the best of him.

Renato Nunes on D05 Flint:

Nunes made a good ride going away from his hand last night, and if he wants a second score he’ll have to up his game. Flint will spin to the right — away from Nunes’ hand – and he’s better at it than the bull Nunes had last night.

Brady Sims on 012 Amos Moses:

Look for this bull to spin away from Sims’ hand, but tends to have near perfect timing and doesn’t really have any tricks. If he holds to that here, Sims should be able to handle him. This is a pretty bull that a guy can look good on.

Guilherme Marchi on W17 Buffalo Jump:

Douglas Duncan placed in last night’s round on Buffalo Jump. He doesn’t have a long history, and he’s have a couple of off days at Touring Pro Division events. He’s here because he got a reprieve from Cody Lambert. This is the bull that kind of fell out of the chute with Mike Lee in Seattle. Lambert wanted to give him a chance to see what he could do standing up, and he did well. Marchi will probably get second score here.

J.W. Harris on 107X The Price is Right:

This bull has been ridden three times in five Built Ford Tough Series outs, but away from the bright lights he’s 16-3. He’ll be out of a right hand delivery chute here. If he spins to the right he’s a little on the easy side for bulls at this level, and Harris won’t have a problem. If he goes to the left he can duck around the corner pretty quickly and can get out from under anyone.

Mason Lowe on 960 Big Sky:

Big Sky has been around a little and he’s been ridden three times. He hasn’t faced very many high level riders, and if the same Mason Lowe we saw last night shows up again tonight, any bull will have a hard time throwing him off. This guy was near perfect on his bull last night, and placed in the round. If he can find some consistency he’ll be a rider to watch.


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