The Morning Line: Nashville, Day 1

By: Slade Long September 05, 2014@ 11:00:00 AM

This will be the 16th time the Built Ford Tough Series has visited Nashville, and we’ve seen some of the best rides in PBR history here, including several 95-96 point efforts. Last season, Kody Lostroh turned in a near perfect ride on I’m a Gangster Too, and in 2012, Robson Palermo was 92.5 points on Smackdown.

Chad VanAmburg on 263 Freaky Friday:

VanAmburg is here on an invite for winning a Touring Pro Division event. He’s been up to this level a couple of times this season, and here he’s got a great draw. Freaky Friday is 2-5 against right-handed riders, and his overall buckoff percentage is just better than 50 percent. Those numbers make him one of the nicest bulls at this or any Built Ford Tough Series event. This is a great opportunity for VanAmburg to put a Round 1 score on the board here.

Cooper Davis on 906 Pistol Pete:

Pistol Pete has been ridden three times in 13 career outs, but he’s currently on a streak of eight straight buckoffs. That streak could end tonight. Davis is new to the Built Ford Tough Series, but I expect we’ll see more of him. He’s got the talent, the experience and he shows the level of effort that’s needed to succeed here.

Fabiano Vieira on 15L C-Note:

Vieira has been one of the best riders going since he’s been in the United States, and had he been healthy the entire time, he would own at least one World Championship. He’s about to meet up with what might be the best draw in bull riding right now. C-Note is ridden regularly, and for big scores. He spins to the right, and is ridden more often by right-handed riders, but once he settles into a spin he has perfect timing, and Vieira should have no problem with him. Riders earn an average of 88.4 points on him, and of the nine qualified rides made on him, four were round-winning rides.

Guilherme Marchi on 9507 Blues Man:

This is a solid quality bull, but he’s overmatched here. Blues Man is pretty consistent, and he’s good for a mid-to-high-80’s score, but he doesn’t have anything that’s nearly too much for Marchi to handle. Marchi should get a score here on a bull that goes away from his hand unless he does himself in somehow.

LJ Jenkins on 22 Say I Won’t Gunslinger:

In his last six outs, Gunslinger has given up three qualified rides and two 7-plus second buckoffs. The riders have been getting along with him for the most part. Jenkins is not having a great year at the Built Ford Tough Series level – his riding percentage is off, and he hasn’t finished higher than fourth at an event this season. He’s due to go on a run.

Stormy Wing on -969 Little Bighorn:

Unsurprisingly, this is a little bull with decent size horns. He typically turns back to the left with some speed and pretty good timing. At most Touring Pro events he’s one of the better short round bulls there. Here, he’s a solid long round draw that should help Wing to a mid-80’s score. He’s ridden nearly 50 percent of the time at this level.

Nathan Schaper on 35 Spotted Demon:

This bull is a heavy load. A lot of bulls we see on tour are mostly speed and finesse type bulls. If they were football players, they would be wide receivers. This one would be more like a nose tackle, and he can throw his weight around. He was the high-marked bull in the fourth round at the World Finals last year. While the announcers never fail to mention that Schaper is larger than most riders, what they don’t tell you is that he is one of the best around at staying on the least rider-friendly bulls. He turned in a score on Buck Dynasty here in Nashville last season, and this bull may fall into the same category.

Silvano Alves on 857 Sue:

This should be a good matchup for Alves. Sue is a herky jerky type of bull that can turn back either way, but right handed guys have had more success on him. He doesn’t have the best timing, but he’s not really strong enough to cause Alves much problem. They met earlier this season in Colorado Springs, where Alves got a reride, but typically Sue is a reliable performer.

Chase Outlaw on 70 Pistols & Roses:

This is a bull that is 3-4 against left-handed riders in his career. He’s got three outs at the Built Ford Tough Series level, and was ridden twice – both times by lefties. Outlaw should be a heavy favorite here.

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