The Morning Line: New York, Day 3

Morning Line – New York Round 3:

Round 3 Matchups – Average Leaders:

Chase Outlaw on 79 Jo Jo:

This bull threw Gage Gay off last night, but he’s a bull that should fit-right handed riders a little better. He does go to the right as soon as the gate opens, but he’s got pretty good timing. Outlaw is a decent rider away from his hand, and this is the kind of bull he needs to place in the round. J.W. Harris won a round on Jo Jo at the World Finals.

Silvano Alves on 834 The Rev:

This is the bull Shane Proctor had last night. Proctor was just 82.25 points, and that won’t be enough to place in this round unless Alves gets a better trip out of the bull. Either way, it’s a safe bet that Alves will make the whistle, and be among the top riders going in to the short round, and in the short round, a guy who never bucks off has a much greater chance than anyone else of cashing in on round points as well as average points.

Guilherme Marchi on 503 Imagine That:

Imagine That threw Cody Nance off last night, and scored 43 points doing it. That’s a bull you can be 87+ points on. Marchi already has 50 points here, and he stands to make it to the short go in good position to win the event. Marchi is like Alves in that once he’s in the short go, the odds turn heavily in his favor. As good as Alves is, Marchi has a better riding percentage in short rounds. In fact, Marchi has a better riding percentage in short rounds than anyone in PBR history.

Shane Proctor on 139 Easy Does It:

This bull is unridden in eight career outs, and his latest victim was Renato Nunes in Round 1 here Friday night. He hasn’t been a big points producer, and he didn’t put up a great bull score in Round 1. This is a bull that judges often disagree on, and that usually indicates a bull that’s a little unorthodox.

Matt Triplett on 15U Electric Prune:

This is the bull J.B. Mauney won the first round on, and he’s one of the best draws in the PBR. He’s given up several round wins. He’ll spin to the left, away from Triplett’s hand, but he’s got good timing and has been ridden a number of times by right-handed riders.

Joao Ricardo Vieira on 1106 Off the Grid:

We’ve seen this bull exactly twice before. Ryan Dirteater was 87.75 points on him in Chicago, and Brady Sims bucked off of him last night. He was one of the highest-scored bulls out last night as well. Vieira tends to get great scores out of bulls — he makes every bull look his best. But, he lets some opportunities slip away. This is a big opportunity here. If he can stay on, he’s likely to earn big points in the round.

Tanner Byrne on 91 Big Sleazy:

This is the bull Silvano Alves was 86.25 points on in Round 1. He went to the right, which will be into Byrne’s hand. Alves had to work pretty hard to get to the whistle on Big Sleazy, and Byrne will have to do the same, but he’s pretty good at it. Byrne is a guy who doesn’t quit if a bull gets him in a bad spot. He can grit it out. Because of his size, he’s not the best at getting great scores out of bulls, and to compound that problem he didn’t draw well in either of the first two rounds here.

Jordan Hupp on 903 Dirty Deal:

Dirty Deal has been ridden just once in eight career outs, and last night he threw off Eduardo Aparecido, which isn’t easy. We don’t know much about this bull, but he’s not likely to be a walk in the park for Hupp.

Points Leaders:

Valdiron de Oliveira on 961 Southern Wine:

This may be one of the more interesting matchups in the round. This bull is a big old bucket of bricks that pretty much always does the same thing, yet most riders can’t counter it. Once he gets into a spin, he pounds onto his front end hard enough to tip the rider’s balance forward. After the first two seconds of the ride, Oliveira would do well to forget Ty Murray’s advice about getting to the front end, because the bull will do that for him. He just needs to stay off the bull’s head. Oliveira is a pretty good fit on this bull, because he’s pretty good at dealing with heavy bulls that want you down on their head.

JB Mauney on -3 Johnny Walker Black Jr.

Eduardo Aparecido was 85 points on this bull in round one, but this bull is capable of being better than that. Aparecido’s ride was the fourth straight time Johhny Walker Black has been ridden at the Built Ford Tough Series level. Odds are with Mauney to get a second score here, but he really needs a big one.

Billy Robinson on 978 Little Red Jacket:

Robinson is in the same situation Mauney is. He has one big score, and he needs another big score. He’s got the bull to get it on here. Valdiron de Oliveira won the round on him last night. But, Little Red Jacket hasn’t been ridden by a left-handed rider yet. He goes to the right, and he went to the right pretty hard in Round 2.


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