The Morning Line: Oakland, Day 2


Round 2 Matchups

Fabiano Vieira on BB88 Woody:

In the World Championship race this season, if Vieira were healthy he would be running away with it. The other guys in the race don’t seem to want to reach out and grab it. In this matchup he’s facing a bull that will go away from his hand, but Woody is very rideable. Vieira’s injury may actually help him on this one. Keeping your free arm under control on bulls that spin away from your hand is something that every rider has to learn to do. Vieira has his under control obviously. On the bulls he has ridden recently, you can see him getting better at shifting his weight and keeping his balance, and he’s got a good chance to put up another score tonight.

Neil Holmes on 018 Ranga:

From what we saw from Holmes last week, no bull is a safe bet to throw him. He’ll get tested here. Ranga is 6-1 against left-handed riders, with J.B. Mauney being the one. He also threw Mauney off just last week in Laughlin. We’ll learn something about Holmes here. If he can get a score here, that is something only the current World Champion has been able to do on this bull.

Mike Lee on 906 Boo-Ray:

Marco Eguchi rode this bull pretty handily in Laughlin, Nevada. Boo-Ray has been ridden much more often by right-handed riders, but Lee is competent enough going away from his hand. Lee let one get away from him last night. He should have been able to handle that bull. He needs the points in the World Championship race, and there are only so many bulls left until the season is over.

Ryan Dirteater on 888 Slingin’ It:

We saw this bull in Fresno earlier this season, and he didn’t have a very good day there. But, Tyler Harr rode him in the Carson, California, Velocity event for 87 points. This is a very strong bull that is likely to go out a few jumps before he comes around to the left, and if Dirteater can handle the power, he’ll put up a good score here.

Stetson Lawrence on 90 LL Cool J:

Lawrence got a good score last night, and he’s got a chance to get another one here. LL Cool J has given up more rides to left-handed riders, and he should go into Lawrence’s hand, but he’s not a pushover. He can be quick, and he can be hard to get by.

Zane Lambert on 903 Rock River Red:

This is a fantastic draw, particularly for a right-handed rider. Eduardo Aparecido was 89 points on him in the short round in Tulsa. He’s been ridden just four times in 27 outs, but he doesn’t look as difficult as his record implies. He’ll be one of the better bulls in this round. He has been appearing in short rounds most of the time, where he tends to be one of the nicest.

LJ Jenkins on 932 Harlem Shake:

This bull has been around for a while, but he hasn’t been in the spotlight much. He’s a good draw, particularly for right-handed riders. His record is 5-8 against righties in his career. Jenkins had a tough draw last night. This one should be much nicer.

Nathan Schaper on X18 More Big Bucks:

This is a great draw for Schaper. More Big Bucks has faced two left-handed riders and has given up qualified rides both times. Mauney was 88 points on him in Tulsa. This is a bull with great timing, but he’s pretty snappy. He doesn’t leave the rider much room for error. If Schaper can keep up he’ll get a great score.

Jason Malone on 594 Ropin’ Dreams:

Malone turned in his first ride at the Built Ford Tough Series level last night, and as a reward he gets this bull in Round 2. It’s not much of a reward – more like a gag gift. Ropin’ Dreams doesn’t give up many qualified rides. He’s been ridden just six times in 54 career outs. He’s the type of bull riders don’t like. He’s not going to produce a 90-point ride, but he’s harder to ride than many bulls who do produce 90-point rides. If Malone can make the whistle here, it will be a big deal to the other riders and contractors who know how difficult this bull is.

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