The morning line: Phoenix, day two

By: Slade Long March 09, 2014@ 09:30:00 AM

PHOENIX ― Marco Eguchi will attempt to take over the lead at the Bass Pro Chute Out when he gets a rematch against Blackberry.

Here is a breakdown of some other Round 2 matchups:

Ben Jones on 691 Meat Hook:

Jones had Meat Hook in January 2013 and bucked off in just 2.17 seconds. But, he should be favored here. Just about every rider in Phoenix is more than capable of getting a score on this bull, but it will take a near perfect effort. Meat Hook is typically not the least bit tricky, but he bucks hard enough to get even the best riders on the ground more often than not.

Guilherme Marchi on 930 Hobo’s Magic:

We’ve seen this bull exactly twice and he was ridden once. Matt Triplettrode him in St. Louis for 86.5 points just a few weeks ago. Pistol Robinson didn’t ride him in Duluth, Ga., in January. So this bull is essentially an unknown, but Marchi has to be considered a favorite with Hobo’s Magic’s record standing at 1-1, Marchi has to be a favorite.

Ty Pozzobon on W36 Hustle Up:

Hustle Up likes to spin to the left and if Pozzobon makes it into the spin in good shape this is over – he’ll make the whistle. This bull can be a little strong and hard to track before settling into a spin, but once he does, he has great, even timing.

Marco Eguchi on 700 Blackberry:

They met in Chicago earlier this season and Eguchi came out of that with 85 points. Blackberry doesn’t have a long career history, but he’s been vulnerable against right-handed riders and the best riders; Eguchi is both.

Kasey Hayes on 889 Captain America:

We haven’t seen this bull on tour in about a year. Douglas Duncan earned 86.75 points on him in St. Louis last season. He went to the right with Duncan, but in his career he’s been ridden more often by lefties. Hayes has a good chance either way he goes. This is an honest bull that looks to have good timing and is not overwhelmingly difficult.

L.J. Jenkins on 309 John Wayne:

Jenkins rode John Wayne for 87 points in Albuquerque, N.M., last season. We don’t see that bull on tour very often. He gets around quite a bit at the Touring Pro Division level, but when he moves up to face these guys he gets ridden more often than not. He’s 2-6 at the Built Ford Tough Series level. He also likes to go to the right. Jenkins is a heavy favorite to get a score here.

Sean Willingham on 48U Rockie Smooth:

Rockie Smooth is one of the tougher long-round caliber bulls in the PBR right now. He’s got great intensity, and does everything well. He’s been ridden just seven times in 61 career outs, and he’s 17-4 against top-level riders. However, Willingham rode him in their only meeting en route to an event win in Oklahoma City just over a year ago.

Matt Triplett on 701 Shepherd Hills Stockman:

This could be the round win. Stockman has been a regular in short rounds, where he’s typically the best bull to ride and usually the first bull drafted. He goes to the right and has been ridden more often by right-handed riders. With an average ride score of just over 89 points, this bull is a round win waiting to happen, and Triplett has a huge opportunity here.

Gage Gay on 72W Paradise:

Gay let the Dr Pepper Iron Cowboy V title slip away last week, but he’s shown that he has the potential to be a player at this level. This is a bull he should ride. Most right-handed guys have their way with him and any righty on tour would be favored against him. To stay competitive on the Built Ford Tough Series, a rider needs to convert every matchup where he’s the favorite and some of the ones where he’s not. This should be another day at the office for Gay.

Cody Nance on 02 Blind Side:

They met back in 2011, and Nance predictably didn’t make the whistle. I say predictably, because Blind Side just doesn’t give up rides to left-handed riders. He’s one of the best bulls in any round he appears in, and there’s always the potential for a big score on him. Not only has he been dominant against lefties, he’s also one of the luckiest drawing bulls around. It’s been about a year since he’s faced a right-handed rider at any level. Blind Side is a big favorite here, but if Nance can break through he’ll get some money in this round.

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