The Morning Line: Seattle, Day 2

Cooper Davis on BB88 Woody:

Davis won the round with style last night. He was 89 points, and he wasn’t just trying to hold on to the whistle, he was spurring his bull as hard as he could. This bull is a great draw in any round, and he likes to go to the right. Woody is a little trickier than the bull Davis had last night, but he doesn’t buck as hard. He can move around in the spin a little, and he can duck around the corner pretty hard at times. If you remember Circle T’s Shepherd Hills Trapper, this bull has a lot of the same moves, he’s just not nearly as good at them.

Guilherme Marchi on 1275 Joe the Grinder:

Marchi rode this bull in Kansas City, Missouri, earlier this year. Joe the Grinder has given up several rides this year, and for good scores. He should go to the right, has good speed, and great timing. Most riders on tour should get along with him, and Marchi shouldn’t have a problem getting a score here.

Joao Ricardo Vieira on 83 Cowboy Up:

Vieira is as hot as he can be right now, and this bull probably won’t be enough to cool him off. Cowboy Up may spin to the right, but he’s a leaper, and typically puts a lot of effort into bucking and not as much into spinning. Bulls like this are pretty easy to read and react to. He’s given up a couple of rides this season in just three outs.

Silvano Alves on 56 Barstool Mountain:

Alves was 84.75 points on this bull in Anaheim, California, in February. He got a score in Round 1 last night, but didn’t place, and the same is likely to happen here.

J.W. Harris on 69 Kat Hour:

Kat Hour has a pretty long history, and it’s a long history of bucking guys off. However, when he goes up against the better riders he’s not as tough — he’s ridden quite a bit more often. He’s got a good enough rider here that this matchup should be a push.

Shane Proctor on 24-0 Wilbur:

Wilbur is 1-4 against right-handed riders, and while Proctor may not be riding as well as he can, this is the kind of bull that can turn things around for him.

Mike Lee on 906 Breakdown:

This is as good a bull as a left-handed guy can draw. Lee has been on him twice and rode him both times.  Breakdown is a showy bull that gets in the air and can hang there a little. This is good for both riders, and for good scores, and that makes him a good bull to have. He’s 4-9 in his career against lefties, and Fabiano Vieira split the short round win on him in Fresno, California, a few weeks ago.

Sean Willingham on 807 Cowtown Slinger:

This bull isn’t a perfect fit for Willingham’s style, because his strengths directly counter Willingham’s weaknesses. However, it’s foolish to overlook the guy who has this bull anytime he’s in the draw because he’s a great bull, and quite a bit of money has been won on him. He’s rider-friendly in general, but he’s not very tolerant of mistakes.

Tanner Byrne on 903 Rock River Red:

This bull is a great fit for Byrne, because everything he does well, Byrne handles exceptionally well. Rock River Red should go to the right, and he gets some guys down on his head, but he’s not likely to get Byrne that way because Byrne is very good at not getting dashboarded.

Markus Mariluch on DPX18 More Big Bucks:

This is a very good bull that is likely to go away from Mariluch’s hand. He’s got good timing, but he really gets it on, and he’s not going to be an easy score. He’s ridden pretty often, more so by left-handed guys, but he’s got enough gas that he won’t allow a guy to get behind and catch up. Mariluch will have to be on his game to get the job done, but if he does he’ll get a good score.

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