The Morning Line: Sioux Falls, Day 3

By: Slade Long
April 02, 2017

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – The Built Ford Tough Championship Round here is light by Built Ford Tough Series standards because the better bulls all went in Saturday’s 15/15 Bucking Battle. Because of that, we will probably see more than one guy ride two bulls here today, and none of the leaders are safe. The event win will come down to who can get the job done in this round and the championship round.

Chase Outlaw on 60X No Regrets:

Outlaw is 0-for-2 through the first two rounds, but he did well in the 15/15 Bucking Battle, and he may bounce back and squeeze some points out of this event. No Regrets is not easy to ride, but Outlaw has ridden him before – way back in 2014 at a Touring Pro Division event. This bull really likes to go to the right, but often he will make a round to the right, and quickly reverse it back to the left. That’s the best scenario for Outlaw. If a bull is going to spin both ways you want him to go away from your hand first. You may hear talk from time to time about the five categories used in judging bulls. Intensity is one of the categories, and No Regrets is usually an intensity star.

Matt Triplett on 323 Biker Bob:

Triplett is one of three riders with two scores on the board, and of those three guys he drew the toughest matchup in this round. Biker Bob is a rideable bull, but he goes away from Triplett’s hand and he has a ton of speed. For Triplett to be successful here he’ll have to get in time with this bull right away and never get behind. When a bull has a lot of speed there’s very little time to recover from any mistake, and if he’s going away from your hand you have to leverage to even try a desperation move. This will be hard for Triplett, but not impossible. If he pulls it off he could get a high score.

Cody Nance on 206 Pick It Construction’s Finding Jesus:

Nance turned in a good score last night, but to pick up another to go with it he’s going to have to get past a bull that threw him off back in October. Finding Jesus has been ridden in his last two outs, and Nance has a good chance against him on paper, but when they met in person the bull won.

Kaique Pacheco on 40Y Chocolate Shake:

These two have met twice before. Pacheco reached 7.6 seconds the first time, and 87 points the second. Pacheco kept a low score in the first round, so he’s in third place behind Dakota Buttar and Triplett, but he’s very likely to add another good score here and stay in contention.

Cooper Davis on 101W Closin’ Time:

Davis is very likely to get a second score on this bull and add to his 89.5 from Saturday night. Closin’ Time goes to the left, but he’s not enough bull to get Davis on the ground.

Fabiano Vieira on -935 Texicali:

Like Davis, Vieira has one score here, and a very good chance to pick up another. Texicali is very rideable for a bull at the BFTS level, and he’s been ridden in his last two outs.

Luciano de Castro on 136 Uncle Tink:

Castro bucked off this bull in Little Rock, Arkansas, earlier this year, and he’s got a lot of company. Uncle Tink looks harder to ride on paper than he does in person. He spins to the left and he looks to have perfect timing, but guys just don’t ride him for whatever reason. Regardless of past history, Castro has a good chance here. Castro can throw himself off at times, making moves too big for what the bull is doing, but he’s a legitimately talented rider, and he should have an advantage over this bull going into his hand.

J.B. Mauney on A1 Mudshark:

Eduardo Aparecido scored 88.75 points on this bull in Albuquerque, New Mexico, a couple of weeks ago, and the bull went to the left there. That would be into Mauney’s hand and if Mauney is on, this could easily be the round win. This is one of the better bulls in the round. He has a lot of speed and intensity, and turns in solid bull scores.

Stetson Lawrence on A6 Church Bells:

This is another very good draw. Church Bells threw Stormy Wing off in Round 1, but he was a little out of line with Wing. We’ve seen him be much more rideable than he was Friday night. If he has a normal trip here, Lawrence should be able to hang with him and get a second score on the weekend.

Joao Ricardo Vieira on 95X DaNutso:

Vieira has tried this bull before and bucked off, but that doesn’t mean a lot. DaNutso can be ridden by most of the riders here on any given day depending on what kind of mood he’s in. He’s an unpredictable bull that can do crazy things at times, like jumping backwards three jumps in a row. He gets a lot of riders on the ground because he won’t stick to a pattern, but when he’s more conventional, they do tend to ride him.

Dakota Buttar on 95A All Aboard:

Buttar leads the event, and he outdrew the two other riders who have two scores. All Aboard is 1-2 against left-handed riders. J.B. Mauney rode him in Sacramento, California, for 87 points, and Luciano de Castro rode him at a TPD event in Fort Worth since then. Pacheco is likely to stay on his bull in this round, and Buttar needs this one. He’s got a built in lead because Pacheco kept a low score, and any score on this bull will keep him in front pending what happens with Matt Triplett.

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