The Morning Line: Sioux Falls, Day 1

Like last week’s Round 2 in Fresno, California, there are a lot of guys matched up well in this round, and we should see a lot of rides. A very fresh set of faces in the bull pen this week, but for the most part these are bulls that do have experience on tour, and are proven. We just haven’t seen them in a while.

Aaron Roy on 01 Cash Out:

Roy drew very well here. This bull is as smooth as they get. He can spin either way, but once he gets into a spin he looks like a machine. Bulls who don’t change things up during the ride usually get ridden a lot, and we’ve seen some good rides on Cash Out already this year. Tanner Byrne placed in a round in Anaheim, California, on him.

Bryan Titman on 933 Rosin Fire:

We haven’t seen this bull on tour yet, but we have seen quite a bit of him at PBR Canada events. He spins to the right, and ends up getting ridden most of the time when he faces right-handed riders. He’s a nice bull, he doesn’t pull any dirty tricks and has good timing. He’s so nice that I’d be surprised if he can buck anyone off at this level, and the issue with bulls that are too nice is that it’s hard to win on them.

Nathan Schaper on 885 Soldier’s Pride:

Soldier’s Pride has three outs on record. Jordan Hupp bucked off of him in 5.7 seconds in Springfield, Missouri, last season. The other two guys, both lefties, made the whistle. Schaper should be in good shape here. He was quiet last week, and he’s overdue to strike again.

Ryan Dirteater on 95 Money Talks:

Money Talks has been to the BFTS only once — Joao Ricardo Vieira rode him in Billings, Montana, last fall. At the Touring Pro Division level, whenever he’s faced a lefty he’s been ridden. Typically bulls that are prone to being ridden at the lower levels turn out to be easier here.

Shane Proctor on 954 Little Joe:

Ryan Dirteater won a round in St. Louis, Missouri, on Little Joe with a very nice ride. The bull went to the right there, had a lot of speed, and looked a little welly. If Proctor can stay aboard, this could be a good night for him. He’ll look good on this bull.

Silvano Alves on 101W Closing Time:

After starting the season on a roll, Alves has cooled somewhat. He’s ridden less than half his bull over the past five events. That’s as low as he’s ever been. This bull offers him a chance at a good score, but there’s a caveat. This bull tends to back up under himself as he bucks, and he’s likely to go to the left. Bulls that back up a little while spinning are much better for riders in general than bulls that tend to move forward. But, Alves often doesn’t get along with this type of bull. He’s almost the opposite of other riders in this regard. When you see Alves buck off, a lot of times it’s because he gets his weight tilted too far forward and into his hand, and while he can recover from almost any position a bull puts him in, this particular type of bull seems to be his Achilles heel. Watch for whether he can keep his upper body from getting too far forward when the bull’s front feet hit the ground each jump.

Valdiron de Oliveira on 82X HD:

This is a rematch from St. Louis where Oliveira was 86.75 points to win second in a round. Douglas Duncan split first in the opening round of the Iron Cowboy two weeks later. HD hasn’t faced the top guys very often, but when he has, he hasn’t thrown any of them off.

Joao Ricardo Vieira on -24X Butcher’s Nightmare:

Here’s a chance for Vieira to silence his critics. Butcher’s Nightmare is going to the right, and he has yet to be ridden by a left-handed rider, although he’s a very rideable bull and a quality draw. The knock on Vieira is that he has trouble on bulls that go away from his hand, but if he does, it’s strictly a mental problem. His mechanics are pretty good, and he should be able to handle every kind of bull.

Guilherme Marchi on 976 Slick Rick:

This bull gets around quite a bit at the Touring Pro Division level, and whenever he runs into a right-handed guy he has trouble getting them on the ground. J.W. Harris rode him in St. Louis. On paper, this should be Marchi by a mile.

Bonner Bolton on 1275 Joe the Grinder:

We’ve seen this bull ridden a couple of times on Tour. Guilherme Marchi was 86.25 on him in Kansas City. He seems to fit right-handed riders better — he hasn’t been ridden by a lefty yet. Bolton had him at a Clovis, New Mexico, Touring Pro event last fall and bucked off around the 6-second mark, so he should be familiar with the bull. Bolton is also coming off a short round win last week in Fresno, and he should be riding with a lot of confidence. This is a guy who has the talent to stay on tour, and in previous seasons he hasn’t done that well at this level. This year, things are going his way.


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