The Morning Line: Springfield, Day 2

Round 2 of the Invitational takes place tonight at the JQH Arena in Springfield, Mo.

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Round 2 is an ABBI Maturity competition for the bulls. Any bull not ranked among the Top 30 bulls in the PBR is eligible to enter, and we have several interesting bulls entered here. Stone Sober is a bull who should be in the Top 5 bulls going today were it not for a few off outs. He should be the favorite to win this round if he has his day.

Brady Sims on 73 Buck Wild:
Buck Wild is an aptly named bull. He’s definitely wild, and he definitely bucks. He carries a big wow factor, and bucks with a lot of action, but a lot of it is just flash, because he’s been ridden fairly often when he’s faced the better riders. He spins to the right, and right-handed guys have had much more success on him, but if Sims can get it done going away from his hand, he’s looking at a big reward. We’ve seen several 90-point rides on Buck Wild. Throughout his career, Buck Wild has been notoriously bad in the chute, and Sims will have to overcome that, as well.

Gage Gay on 901 For Sale:
Gay has been a consistent rider of late. He’s improved his riding percentage on the season. He still needs to improve on the ranker bulls if he wants to contend for a world title, but this bull is not one of those. For Sale is 1-3 against right handed riders, and Gay should be a heavy favorite here.

Ryan Roberts on 44W Stone Sober:
Roberts is a Native American invite to this event and as a welcome present, he gets a shot at Stone Sober. This bull is one of the biggest question marks in the mind of PBR Livestock Director Cody Lambert. The question is not whether Stone Sober is good enough to go to the World Finals this year – it’s whether he is reliable enough. When he has his day, he is one of the rankest bulls in the PBR, but he’s had a few off days on the big stage this season. Roberts is in for a tough test either way. Stone Sober is one of the most difficult bulls on the planet – whatever he does.

Joao Ricardo Vieira on 822 Little Kombat:
Here’s a bull that has been ridden just twice in 30 career outs, and Joao is one of the guys who did it. They met in the short round at the World Finals where Vieira was 87.5 points. They’ve also met once since then – in Chicago this season, where Little Kombat won. Vieira got a score last night, but that bull was a day off compared to this one.

J.W. Harris on 75 I’m Your Huckleberry:
I’m not sure if Harris will compete tonight, but if he does, he will find this bull a welcome change of pace. Compared to the rampaging beast he battled last night, this one should be like a carriage ride through the park. I’m your Huckleberry is perfectly capable of throwing any rider off, and he’s earned some big bull scores at Touring Pro events, but at this level, he will be one of the nicer and easier-to-ride bulls to go tonight.

Ryan Dirteater on 35 Spotted Demon:
Dirteater had a pretty tough bull last night, but this one should prove tougher. Spotted Demon can be one of the more impressive bulls to watch, and he can be good enough to win a round on.  The odds are against Dirteater here, but if he can overcome the odds, he could win big.

Valdiron de Oliveira on 707 Strokin’:
These two met once before, or to put it differently, this bull faced a very different Oliveira in August of 2012 and was ridden handily. Oliveira is having a dismal year, but this kind of luck in the draw could help him turn things around.

Billy Robinson on 38 Keepin it Real:
We haven’t seen much of this bull recently, but he’s a veteran of the Built Ford Tough Series, and one of the most-ridden bulls on tour. In 28 career outs, he’s given up 17 qualified rides. Robinson is not 100-percent healthy, but he should come out on top here.

Fabiano Vieira on 916 Razorbuck:
Like the bull he had last night, this one should go into Vieira’s hand. This will test his injured shoulder, which is bound to be very sore after his landing on it in Round 1. Razorbuck is likely to be a tougher test than Vieira’s first-round bull. We saw J.B. Mauney ride this bull for 90.75 points here in Springfield last year, and he was doing everything he could do to keep from being thrown to the outside. Vieira will have to outguess the bull and stay one step ahead, because without the ability to raise his free arm over his head, he can’t catch up if he gets to the outside.

Douglas Duncan on 802 Red Dingo:
Mike Lee was 86 points on Red Dingo in Thackerville, Oklahoma, and Gage Gay was 89 on him earlier in the season. This is a bull with great timing, and he should spin into Duncan’s hand. Duncan drew tough last night, but he’s got one of the nicer ones in this round.

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