The Morning Line: Springfield, Day 3

Today’s round is the second go for the ABBI Classic Bulls we saw in Round 1, so almost every bull we’ll see today also went on Friday. The only exceptions will be a couple of fill-in spots that were filled by different bulls in the first round.

Renato Nunes on 32Y Bruiser:

Given Nunes’s riding style, he won’t have much room for error here. Nunes rides close to the end of his arm all the time, and if he lets this bull have all of it, he won’t make the whistle. Bruiser will go to the left, which should suit Nunes, and the most notable thing about this matchup is that it could legitimately produce a 95-point ride. Bruiser is that good, and Nunes makes every bull look his best.

Robson Palermo on 630 Rebelution:

This bull wasn’t quite as impressive in Round 1 here as he was in Thackerville a week ago. If he has his best day with Palermo, this could be a big-time ride. Rebelution likes to go to the left, and that would be into Palermo’s hand.

Tyler Harr on 567 Lester Gillis:

This is one of the better bulls here, and he’s a little more spin-focused than the other bulls he’s scoring close to. Lester Gillis really likes spinning, and he really gets it on. He’s got a lot of speed and some action to go with it, so he’s not the kind of bull guys will get by easily. In his first two BFTS trips he faced right-handed guys. Harr is left-handed, and Lester really likes going to the left, so this will be interesting, but the bull should have a little bit of an advantage here.

Brady Sims on EGR72 Bourbon Borderline:

This bull got Tyler Harr quicky in Round 1, and he put Kasey Hayes down in Thackerville. That’s about the extent of his career too, so we don’t know much about him. Sims is in the lead here, and if he wants to fend off J.B. Mauney, he’ll need to make the whistle here.

Fabiano Vieira on -0 Johnny’s Boy:

Vieira really wants points, and he doesn’t have any so far this weekend. He’s got a chance to pick some up here. He should be the favorite in this matchup. Eduardo Aparecido was 87.25 on Johnny’s Boy in Thackerville, and Mason Lowe went 5.63 seconds on him in round one here before coming down.

J.B. Mauney on 1149 Pearl Harbor:

It seems like we’re always talking about Mauney — to the point where some think he’s being promoted over other riders. But, he’s ridden 10 of 12 since the break, including four legitimate 90-plus-point rides. He’s the only guy on tour right now who looks like he has prepared to reach out and take a World Championship. Pearl Harbor is one of the stronger bulls in this group. He was outstanding throwing off Kaique Pacheco in Round 1, and equally impressive in Thackerville. He’s an elite level bull that can throw anyone here, but it would be hard to find anyone who knows bull riding and thinks he’ll throw Mauney off today. If Palermo and Nunes don’t stay on, this is your round winner.

J.W. Harris on 1974 Pile Driver:

Pile Driver hasn’t been ridden by a right-handed rider yet, and he has thrown off Harris before. They met in Colorado Springs earlier this season, and Harris hung in for 6.1 seconds before coming off. Harris is in a good position to win this thing, but he’ll need to get by this one first and it won’t be easy.

Mason Lowe on 107 Come On Baby:

This bull has been ridden in four of his last six attempts, including by Brady Sims Friday night. If Lowe can pick up a second score here he will punch his ticket to the short round.

Matt Triplett on 1440 Loose Change:

This is one of the few bulls out tonight that wasn’t out in Round 1. In fact, this is his BFTS debut. Neil Holmes rode him back in May in Uvalde, Texas, for 88 points, and he went to the right with Holmes, which will be into Triplett’s hand. Like Lowe, Triplett needs to pick up a second score here.

Kaique Pacheco on 2103 Buck Autism:

This is a quality bull that Pacheco should be able to handle. He did get the best of Shane Proctor in Round 1 just before the whistle, but in his previous two outs he gave up rides to Lowe and Mauney. Pacheco hasn’t earned any points here so far, and he needs a score here to really have any hope of getting any points at this event.


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