The Morning Line: Springfield, Day 3

The Invitational concludes today in Springfield, Mo., with Round 3 and the championship round.

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Round 3 in Springfield features the same set of bulls we saw in Round 1, minus the ones that underperformed. Only six riders made the whistle in Round 1, and only 13 bulls have been ridden here in two rounds.

Chase Outlaw on 626 Karaoke:
Karaoke got the best of Jordan Hupp in Round 1, but he is 1-for-3 against left-handed riders. Outlaw is as good as anyone here on bulls that go into his hand.

L.J. Jenkins on Y37 Dangerous Doug:
There’s not much history on this bull. He’s unridden in two career outs. Stetson Lawrence had him in Round 1 and lasted just 2.65 seconds. He’ll get tested today. Jenkins is on a roll this weekend, and holds a one-bull lead in the event. He has to be riding with a lot of confidence.

Emilio Resende on 58X Long John:
Of the Classic bulls we’ve seen this year, this one is the fire-breathing dragon of the bunch. J.W. Harris rode him in Round 1, but it certainly wasn’t easy. Resende is actually a good match for him – he’s a strong rider who can make the big moves it will take to counter Long John’s huge jumps.

Josh Faircloth on R287-01 Closing Time:
Closing Time was one of the highest-marked bulls in the opening round, and he got Chase Outlaw on the ground in just over 2 seconds. Faircloth made a great ride last night, and he’ll have to make another great ride just to get a score here. This bull has been ridden just once in 10 attempts.

Gage Gay on 902 Lil’ Z:
Gay has one score on the board, and he may get another one here. This bull threw Mike Lee in Round 1, but he gave up a score to Resende in Thackerville, Oklahoma. I’m pretty sure this bull goes to the right, which would be into Gay’s hand.

Joao Ricardo Vieira on 045 Diesel:
Diesel was pretty good on Friday night – he got Silvano Alves on the ground. He also got the best of Silvano Alves in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He should spin into Vieira’s hand, and that may give Vieira the advantage.

J.W. Harris on 95X Dumber:
This is one of the better bulls in this group. He should go to the left, which will be away from Harris’s hand, but given this bull’s style, the direction he’s spinning isn’t as big a deal. Dumber has a lot of lateral drift while he’s spinning, and bulls that do that often backup under themselves a little, which makes them easier to ride. Just about every bull that spins with some drift and backup ends up being a big money winner for the riders at this level. Dumber hasn’t been ridden very often, but fits the profile.

Mike Lee on 08 Margy Time:
This matchup bears watching, because Margy Time has been dominating the Classic competitions up until Friday night. He didn’t have a very good trip in Round 1. He was still very hard to ride, but he didn’t live up to his own high standards.

Silvano Alves on 79 Jo Jo:
This bull got Markus Mariluch on the ground in Round 1, but Mariluch only came down because of a riding arm injury he suffered during the ride. He was in pretty good shape to get this bull ridden other than that. Alves should be able to get the job done.

Stormy Wing on 32Y Bruiser:
This was hands-down the best bull in Round 1, and he’s been exceptionally good every time we’ve seen him. There’s no question what Bruiser is going to do – he’s going to go to the left about as hard as a bull can go. He’s given up round-winning rides to two lefties this season, and he’s a near-perfect fit for Wing.

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