The Morning Line: Tucson, Day 2

Morning Line – Tucson Round 2:

Last night, Bonner Bolton made the most of a good draw while the rest of the riders on the bubble didn’t fare so well. That plot will thicken considerably tonight as four of the riders on the bubble have drawn well, while Bolton and the rest have bulls that are relatively unknown.

At the other end of the standings, it’s almost entirely up to J.B. Mauney whether anyone gains any ground on him at all. He has drawn well here, and his pursuers really haven’t.

Douglas Duncan on 53 Easy Money:

Duncan came up short last night, but he’s got an excellent chance here. This is a bull that lives up to his name. He goes to the left, and once he gets into a spin he has great timing. He’s given up four scores in nine career outs, and he can be good enough to place on.

Lachlan Richardson on 5 Chocolate Thunder:

Richardson has a shot at a round win here. Chocolate Thunder has been around since 2010, and he’s a quality bull. He was a short round bull at the World Finals in 2012. He’s lost a step since then, but he’s still good enough to win a long round on. Richardson is on the outside looking in by just a few points, and he’s on the outside because of his riding percentage. If you don’t stay on many bulls, you need to make some of them really count, and this is an opportunity for that.

Luis Blanco on 880 White Lie:

Blanco is another rider who isn’t in the Finals at the moment, but White Lie can help him get there. This is a bull that has been good to left-handed riders, and good to BFTS-level riders as well. Blanco has faced him before and didn’t get a score, but that was at a Touring Pro Division event more than a year ago. This is much more of a do-or-die situation.

Robson Palermo on 852 Big Papa Pump:

If the season were over now, Palermo would be in, but this event could still shake things up for him. He’s got a solid draw he could do something with here. At times Big Papa Pump can be good enough to place high in a round on, and at other times he isn’t. Palermo needs a big score here after coming down last night.

J.B. Mauney on 82X HD:

At the top end of the standings, Mauney has out-drawn his rivals again. This isn’t enough bull to throw him off, and he’s worth 86-87 points usually. None of the other riders in the Top 5 are in a great position to gain on Mauney here unless he gives them a chance.

Cooper Davis on 906 Zeppelin:

Davis will have a tougher test here than he had last night. Zeppelin has given up just one ride in 12 career outs. Davis manhandled his first round draw — a bull that fit him very well — but at the Finals, all the bulls will be more difficult, so this one may be considered a trial run.

Fabiano Vieira on 163 Jungle:

Vieira handled this bull easily in Biloxi, Mississippi, but he only got 84 points for it. He’s in a difficult situation here, after coming down last night. He needs to gain ground on Mauney, but given the way this event is playing out he’ll have to hope Mauney hands it to him.

J.W. Harris on B36 JJ’s Pride:

Of all the riders in the Top 5, only Harris has a real shot at gaining any ground on Mauney. Because he got a score last night, he still controls his own destiny here in Tucson. But, Mauney has certainly outdrawn him in this round. JJ’s Pride has given up a couple of rides, but none to right-handed riders, and he has thrown Harris before. They met at a Touring Pro Division event in 2014 and Harris didn’t make it to the four second mark.

Stormy Wing on 412 Hou’s Sporting:

This bull isn’t new, but he’s new to the Built Ford Tough Series. He has been to a number of Touring Pro events, and he’s given up four rides although he hasn’t faced any top-tier riders. Wing made a great ride last night, and he’s got a shot to follow up with another here.


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