The Morning Line: Tulsa, Day 1

Tonight’s round is an ABBI Classic round with 3- and 4-year old bulls competing among themselves.

Ben Jones on Y16 Brutus:

Brutus has been one of the more impressive Classic bulls going this season. He’s got the potential to compete with the World Champion-caliber bulls, and he’s got as much power as any bull going. He’s got a lot in common with Long John, in that at times he doesn’t seem to want to turn back and spin, and it makes him vulnerable to being ridden. Gage Gay was 91 points on him in Guymon, Oklahoma, over the summer break, and Kaique Pacheco rode him in Kansas City, Missouri, early in the season, but he will be a tough test for Jones.

J.W. Harris on 136 Uncle Tink:

This is one of the better draws among these young bulls because he’s got very even timing. He should go to the left, away from Harris’ hand, but Harris should still be the favorite here. Uncle Tink gave up an 89-point ride to J.B. Mauney in Oklahoma City early this season, and he will probably cough up another big score here.

Silvano Alves on -0 Johnny’s Boy:

This bull is making his Built Ford Tough Series debut, which can be difficult for young bulls. Coming indoors with all the lights and noise is not what they are used to, and in this case, he’s also got Silvano Alves. Alves is one of the most talented riders the PBR has ever seen, but for whatever reason, too many bulls have an off day with him. It was graphically illustrated last week when both his bulls performed well under par. Sometimes the riders don’t draw a very good bull, but the tables are turned here, and Johnny’s Boy didn’t draw a good rider for his purposes.

Tyler Harr on B36 JJ’s Pride:

JJ’s Pride has been ridden twice in six career outs, and one of those rides went to Tyler Harr. They met at a Touring Pro Divison event in Hico, Texas, back in May where Harr was 86 Points. Neil Holmes was 88 points on him just two weeks later at JW Hart’s event in Decatur, Texas. This bull is making his BFTS debut here, and Harr should have the edge.

Aaron Roy on 186 Up North Express:

This is a bull with great timing, and he typically doesn’t have a lot of power. Roy should be able to handle him. Express has given up two rides in four BFTS trips this season. He won’t be enough bull to win this round on unless they just don’t ride many, but any qualified ride will be valuable in Tulsa.

Ryan Dirteater on 32Y Bruiser:

Bruiser is hands down the most-seasoned and consistent bull in the running for the Classic title this year. Some of the other bulls can outscore him, but none of them have his resume. He’s got 28 career outs, and he’s the fourth highest-marked bull going in the PBR right now. He’s got a legitimate case for being World Champion bull and the Classic World Champion this year. He’s given up five rides in his career, four of those for more than 90 points, and just last month he carried Kaique Pacheco to a 94-point score in Guymon, Oklahoma. On top of all that, he’s the kind of bull riders like. If you are left-handed and really, really need to win a round, this is the bull that can make that happen.

Shane Proctor on 124 Spin Machine:

You can bet that any bull named Spin Machine is going to be rider-friendly, and this one won’t let you down. He’s been ridden in four of seven career outs, and all three times he has appeared at the BFTS level. Proctor drew well here. He should convert and will probably place in the round.

Brady Sims on 126 Cowtown Rock:

This is a rematch from just last week. Sims and Cowtown Rock met in round one in Biloxi, Mississippi, where Sims came down at the 7.79 second mark. Obviously this is a good fit for Sims, and he should get the job done here. Cowtown Rock won a recent Classic in Gonzales, Texas.

Kasey Hayes on 130 Gotta Go Joe:

These two met just a couple of weeks ago in Guymon, Oklahoma, where Hayes was 87.5 points to win second in a round. We last saw Joe at the BFTS level in Kansas City, where J.W. Harris was 86.5 points on him. Hayes should have the advantage here.

J.B. Mauney on 2103 Buck Autism:

Most of the Classic bulls escape the attention of PBR livestock director Cody Lambert, but not this one. Lambert says this is one of the young bulls to watch. He’s making his BFTS debut here, and he has only three Touring Pro Division-level outs on his record, but all three have been outstanding. Mauney was at his dead level best last week, and there’s every indication that he will be on a roll for the rest of the season. Mauney has reached a level where how he does is almost entirely a mental issue. The guy does well when he’s a little mad, and he seems a little mad.


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