The Morning Line: Tulsa Day 1

By: Slade Long August 15, 2014@ 01:00:00 PM

Action gets underway Friday evening in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

TULSA, Okla. — The important thing about this event is just making the whistle. The pen of bulls is extremely strong in Tulsa, and qualified rides are going to be hard to come by. For the last six years in a row, the riders have ridden less than 30 percent of the bulls here.

Tonight’s round is an ABBI Classic round, and every time we’ve seen these young bulls this season, they’ve pretty much dominated the riders on their night. In this particular round, there are a lot of unridden bulls, and there are not many matchups at all that look favorable for the riders. It’s hard to predict what will happen when so many of the bulls don’t have much history, but on paper this looks like a night where maybe eight or nine bulls get ridden.

JB Mauney on 626 Karaoke:

Mauney is a fan favorite and a World Champion, but he isn’t the luckiest drawing guy around – except for tonight. This is a quality bull. He’s not the strongest bull in the round, but he’s pretty good. However, given the way he bucks, he could fill in for Mauney as a practice bull. It would be pretty shocking to see Mauney wind up with a no score here. Karaoke is one of the nicest draws at this event for a left-handed rider. He’s 0-3 against lefties.

Scottie Knapp on 32Y Bruiser:

Knapp has only been to two Built Ford Tough Series events in his career, and didn’t do anything at those, but he’s an experienced rider, and he’s got a very good draw here. Bruiser is a strong young bull who does everything well. He likes to go to the left, and he has a good steady rhythm. He’s not a nice easy spinner, but he looks to be honest, and not many professional bull riders are going to complain about having a strong honest bull who spins into their riding hand. Mike Lee was 91 points on Bruiser at JW Hart’s event in Decatur, Texas, back in May.

Tanner Byrne on 011 Kung Fu Fighter:

This bull has a similar style to Bruiser, but he’s not as strong, and he goes to the right, which will be into Byrne’s hand. When he’s faced right-handed riders, he’s given up scores a couple of times. Byrne should get on the board here. Over the past year and a half Tanner Byrne has put up numbers that rank him with the elite level riders, and stepping up to the BFTS level really hasn’t slowed him down.

Cody Nance on 08 Margy Time:

Cody Lambert says that Margy Time is like Bushwacker in that he could contend for the ABBI Classic Title and the World Champion title in the same year. He’s not on Bushwacker’s level yet, but right now he is the bull to watch in Classic competitions. He’s fully grown and very strong. The reason he’s on top of the Classic standings is that he’s noticeably better than the other bulls his age, and it’s pretty easy to see. He doesn’t fit Nance’s style very well, and he should be considered a strong favorite in this matchup.

Kasey Hayes on 43X Magic Train:

Magic Train is another high profile Classic age bull. He’s had some impressive outs this season. To the eye, he seems to be a lot like Margy Time, but a little less power and a little more speed and flash. Hayes has ridden ranker bulls than this over the summer break, and he’s got a great chance here, but there’s a good chance that Magic Train will spin away from his hand.

Matt Triplett on 2575-0 Flab Slab:

Like Mauney, Triplett has one of the better matchups in this round for him. Flab Slab has been ridden several times, and right-handed riders have had the most success on him. If Triplett can get into the spin in good shape, he should have no problem. Once Flab Slab falls into a spin he has great, steady timing and doesn’t change things up much.

LJ Jenkins on 018 Ranga:

Ranga has been pretty well dominated by the high-level, right-handed riders he’s faced. He did throw Emilio Resende in Fresno, California, this season, but other than that, when he’s faced righties he’s been ridden. Resende lasted 5.36 seconds. Those numbers say Jenkins should get a score here.

Zane Lambert on 95X Dumber:

This has been one of the more impressive Classic bulls to watch this year. He’s a lot like Magic Train, but he likes to go to the left. This matchup is a lot like Hayes vs. Magic Train in that Lambert has one of the better bulls out tonight, but one that is likely to spin away from his hand.

JW Harris on 055 Bad Tattoo:

We just have one out on record for this bull, at a Touring Pro in Stephenville, Texas, in May of this year. He wasn’t ridden there, but tonight’s matchup boils down to his inexperience vs. Harris, who is one of the most experienced riders here. The rider always has the upper hand in this situation.

Silvano Alves on 045 Diesel:

This is another case of an inexperienced bull going up against an experienced rider. Diesel has been ridden once in eight career outs, but he’s never been to a BFTS event, and he’s never faced a rider like Alves either. Alves has the advantage here.

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