Top Two Riders Cover; Triplett Leads Finals Event

LAS VEGAS – With the highest score of the event thus far, Matt Triplett won Round 2 of the Built Ford Tough World Finals, moving to first place in the event average with 179.25 points. His 92-point ride on Walk Off marked the highest score of his career and earned the Montana native $25,000 for the round win.

“This is something I’ve dreamed of my entire life,” Triplett said, “and what better way is there to live my dream? This is pretty awesome. I’m just going to try to stay positive and go jump for jump and have fun.”

Triplett is one of three men to ride each of his first two bulls. No. 2 Silvano Alves covered Mr. Clark for 87.75 points on Thursday to move to second place in the event average with 174 points, putting the pressure on No. 1Joao Ricardo Vieira, who had failed to cover his bull in Round 1.

However, Vieira held tight under the pressure and earned the second 90-point ride of the event. His 90.25-point score on Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey earned him second place in the round and increased his lead over Alves to 627.44 points in the race for the world title.

No. 3 Fabiano Vieira, No. 4 Guilherme Marchi and No. 5 Mike Lee all failed to cover their Round 2 bulls.

Rounding out the Top 5 for Round 2, behind Triplett and Joao Ricardo Vieira, were Kody Lostroh, Stetson Lawrence and Ty Pozzobon. Despite a broken ankle, Lostroh turned in 89.25 points on The Rocker for third place; Lawrence conquered previously-unridden Wicked for 88.75 points for fourth place; and Pozzobon received 88 points for his effort on Fire & Smoke.

Round 2 also marked the first night of competition for the bulls in the race for the World Champion Bull title. Asteroid put up the highest score, receiving 46.50 points as he bucked off Chase Outlaw. Mick E Mouse sits second with 46 points, while Roy is third with 45.25 points.

Reigning World Champion Bull Bushwacker made short work of Brady Sims, tossing him in 3.9 seconds for 45 points. He is currently in fourth place in the bull title race. The final round of competition for the top bulls will take place Sunday, Oct. 26.

Round 3 of the PBR World Finals takes place Friday, Oct. 24 at 6 p.m. PT, and will air on CBS Sports Network at 9 p.m. ET.

Built Ford Tough World Finals
Thomas & Mack Center
Las Vegas
Event Leaders (Round 1-Round 2-Event Points)…
1. Matt Triplett, 87.25-92-179.25 points.
2. Silvano Alves, 86.25-87.75-174.00 points.
3. Tanner Byrne, 87-83.75-170.75 points.
4. Joao Ricardo Vieira, 0-90.25-90.25 points.
5. Kody Lostroh, 0-89.25-89.25 points.
6. J.W. Harris, 88.75-0-88.75 points.
(tie). Stetson Lawrence, 0-88.75-88.75 points.
8. Stormy Wing, 88.5-0-88.50 points.
9. J.B. Mauney, 88-0-88.00 points.
(tie). Ty Pozzobon, 0-88-88.00 points.
11. Gage Gay, 0-87.75-87.75 points.
12. Claudio Crisostomo, 0-87.25-87.25 points.
(tie). Mike Lee, 87.25-0-87.25 points.
14. L.J. Jenkins, 87-0-87.00 points.
15. Brady Sims, 86.25-0-86.25 points.
(tie). Fernando Henrique, 0-86.25-86.25 points.
(tie). Marco Eguchi, 86.25-0-86.25 points.
(tie). Ryan Dirteater, 0-86.25-86.25 points.
19. Eduardo Aparecido, 86-0-86.00 points.
(tie). Guilherme Marchi, 86-0-86.00 points.
21. Lachlan Richardson, 85.5-0-85.50 points.
22. Jordan Hupp, 84-0-84.00 points.
23. David Kennedy, 0-83.5-83.50 points.
(tie). Nathan Schaper, 83.5-0-83.50 points.
25. Kasey Hayes, 0-79.25-79.25 points.
Billy Robinson, 0-0-0.00 points.
Chase Outlaw, 0-0-0.00 points.
Cody Nance, 0-0-0.00 points.
Douglas Duncan, 0-0-0.00 points.
Emilio Resende, 0-0-0.00 points.
Fabiano Vieira, 0-0-0.00 points.
Gustavo Pedrero, 0-0-0.00 points.
Josh Faircloth, 0-0-0.00 points.
Renato Nunes, 0-0-0.00 points.
Robson Palermo, 0-0-0.00 points.
Scott Schiffner, 0-0-0.00 points.
Sean Willingham, 0-0-0.00 points.
Valdiron de Oliveira, 0-0-0.00 points.
Zane Lambert, 0-0-0.00 points.

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