Triplett Wins TPD Event in Exciting Fashion

By: Heather Croze August 13, 2014@ 03:00:00 PM

Matt Triplett captured his second TPD event title of the summer.

PUEBLO, Colo. – Fans who crowded into the Logan County Fairgrounds for the NextEra Extreme Bull Riding event in Sterling, Colorado, were in for a show as Matt Triplett (Columbia Falls, Montana) picked up his second Professional Bull Riders Touring Pro Division win of the year in spectacular fashion.

Triplett, who qualified for the finals with a score of 85.5 points, saved his best for last as he posted the highest score of the night, 89.5 points in the championship round, to give him a total of 175 points and the lead with five riders remaining.

Scottie Knapp (Albuquerque, New Mexico), who was the last rider in the championship round, made it interesting as he unofficially posted a score of 87 points, tying him with Triplett for first place, but the official score of 86 points left Knapp one point shy of a tie.

Triplett took home $3,901.51 with the win, while Knapp earned $3,770.38 for second place, and Lachlan Richardson (Gresford, Australia), who was last year’s event winner, took home $2,122.88 for third place.

On Aug. 6, Jay Miller (Liberty, South Carolina) strung together two solid rides to win the Western Plains Chute-Out Touring Pro Division event in Goodland, Kansas.

Miller was one of three riders to cover both of his bulls as he racked up 171.0 points and collected $6,870.55.

Ryan McConnel (Coalgate, Oklahoma) finished in second place after recording the lowest score in Round 1 but bounced back with an 89-point score in the championship round giving him 168.5 total points and a $5,589.60 paycheck.

Robson Aragao (Aracaju, Brazil) finished in third place with 168 points and $3,260.60 followed by Austin Meier (Kinta, Oklahoma) in fourth place with 88 points and $3,027.70.

Stetson Lawrence (Williston, North Dakota) was one of three riders to have a perfect night, going 2 for 2 as he won the Bitterroot Ford Bullorama in Missoula, Montana, on Aug. 7.

Lawrence scored 86 points in Round 1 and then had 84.5 points in the championship round for a total of 170.5 points, walking away with $3,187.50.

Dakota Louis (Browning, Montana) finished in second place with a score of 162 points for $2,091.00, while Derek Kolbaba (Walla Walla, Washington) landed in third place with 160.6 points and $1,377.00.

In Rifle, Colorado, the Touring Pro Division at the Garfield County Fairgrounds had Colorado native Cody Tesch (Berthoud) as one of just two riders to record points in both rounds. Tesch used an 82.5-point score in Round 1 along with an event-best 85.5 points in the championship round to win the event and take home $2,728.08.

Knapp also covered both of his bulls. He had 82 points in Round 1 and added 85 points in the championship round, finishing with 167 points for second place. He took home $1,948.63.

Richardson entered twice, taking third and fourth place with 85 and 84.5 points, respectively. Per TPD rules, a bull rider may enter an event as many times as he chooses. Some riders have been known to enter two, or even three times.

On Aug. 16 the PBR’s Touring Pro Division will head to the Del Mar Fairgrounds in Del Mar, California. Luis Blanco (Irving, Texas), Kurt Shepard (Atherton, Queensland) and Kolbaba will be some of the riders competing.

The BlueDEF Velocity Tour will hit Cleveland, Ohio, on Aug. 16 at the Quicken Loans Arena. Josh Faircloth (Randleman, North Carolina), Brant Atwood (Decatur, Texas) and Ben Jones (Goulburn, NSW) will highlight the list of riders.

The San Antonio Cowboys Dancehall TPD event on Aug. 16 will have Cooper Davis (Wharton, Texas), Budd Williamson (Snyder, Texas) and Cody Johnson (Kaufman, Texas) as some of the riders squaring off for points.

Professional Bull Riders Touring Pro Series Event Results:
August 5 at the NextEra Extreme Bull Riding event in Sterling, Colorado
Final Results (Round 1-Round 2-Total Points-Earnings)

1. Matt Triplett, 85.5-89.5-175.0 points-$3,901.51

2. Scottie Knapp, 88-86-172.0 points-$3,270.38

3. Lachlan Richardson, 86-72-158.0 points-$2,122.88

4. Cody Schneider, 85.5-0-85.5 points-$728.81

5. Ben Jones, 85.5-0-85.5 points-$728.81

August 6 at the Western Plains Chut-Out event in Goodland, Kansas
Final Results (Round 1-Round 2-Total Points-Earnings)

1. Jay Miller, 83.5-87.5-171.0 points-$6,870.55

2. Ryan McConnel, 79.5-89-168.5 points-$5,589.60

3. Robson Aragao, 81.5-86.5-168.0 points-$3,260.60

4. Austin Meier, 88-0-88.0 points-$3,027.70

5. Matt Triplett, 86.5-0-86.5 points-$2,026.23

August 7 at the Bitterroot Ford Bullorama in Missoula, Montana
Final Results (Round 1-Round 2-Total Points-Earnings)

1. Stetson Lawrence, 86-84-170.0 points-$3,187.50

2. Dakota Louis, 82-80-162.0 points-$2,091.00

3. Derek Kolbaba, 75.5-85-160.5 points-$1,300.50

4. Nevada Newman, 0-88.5-88.5 points-$1,326.00

5. Nathan Schaper, 0-87.5-87.5 points-$887.40

August 7 TPD event in Rifle, Colorado
Final Results (Round 1-Round 2-Total Points-Earnings)

1. Cody Tesch, 82.5-85.5-168.0 points-$3,980.77

2. Scottie Knapp, 82-85-167.0 points-$2,867.28

3. Lachlan Richardson, 85-0-85.0 points-$1,837.28

4. Lachlan Richardson, 84.5-0-84.5 points-$1,280.53

5. Ryan Prophet, 81.5-0-85.5 points-$467.67

August 9 at the Buckin’ in the Ozarks event in Springdale, Arkansas
Final Results (Round 1-Round 2-Total Points-Earnings)

1. Tyler Harr, 86-87-173.0 points-$3,585.95

2. Luis Blanco, 85.5-86.5-172.0 points-$2,52.51

3. Chase Outlaw, 86.5-84-170.5 points-$1,839.39

4. Mike Lee, 82.5-85-167.5 points-$1,147.50

5. Gage Gay, 86.5-0-86.5 points-$918.00

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