Vieira Bounces back from Shoulder Injury

By: Justin Felisko
March 10, 2017

Joao Ricardo Vieira’s ride in Round 1 was his first since Iron Cowboy. Photo: Andy Watson /

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Here are three things we learned from the Bad Boy Mowdown Friday night at Verizon Arena.

Vieira bounces back from shoulder injury (3-10-17)

At 32 years old, Joao Ricardo Vieira is trying to battle Father Time and become only the fourth rider to win a world title at 30 years or older.

Therefore, the last thing he has needed this year is the multiple injuries that have plagued him.

Vieira returned to competition Friday with an 85.5-point ride on Wired Crazy after skipping the Jacksonville Invitational because of a separated left shoulder he originally sustained at Iron Cowboy.

“My mind was not good for last week,” Vieira said. “If your mind is not good, you will get hurt. You can’t ride better if you are not confident in your body. Today, I was ready to come back into the game.”

Wired Crazy had previously bucked off Vieira three times.

“He is a hard bull,” Vieira said. “Three times he bucked me off, but today I said I am going to ride him better.”

Vieira had bucked off four bulls in a row since getting injured and has been rehabbing at Fit-N-Wise Rehabilitation and Performance Center in Decatur, Texas.

“For two weeks, I have been doing physical therapy,” Vieira said. “I got on four practice bulls this week.”

Vieira injured his shoulder during his dismount at Iron Cowboy following his 87.25-point ride on Lost Soul.

“He stepped on me and I fell onto the arena hard,” Vieira said. “I was feeling pain near my clavicle, but it is good now.”

Vieira earned 30 points toward the world standings after finishing the round in fifth place.

He is ranked 21st in the world standings heading into Saturday night’s Round 2.

Vieira takes on Legacy (12-4, BFTS). Legacy bucked off Vieira last year in Billings, Montana, in 3.8 seconds.

The Itatinga, Brazil, bull rider is hoping he can finally move past his injuries in the near future.

“In New York, I got injured (sprained riding elbow) on the second bull and for three weeks I was sore,” Vieira said. “Then at Iron Cowboy I got hurt. I hope I get hurt no more. I am about 80 percent. I need to do more physical therapy and get strong.”

Outlaw wins Round 1 in home state

Chase Outlaw spent Friday morning accompanying North Little Rock police officer Tommy Norman visiting members of the local community that live on Norman’s beat.

Friday was Norman’s day off, but Norman makes it a habit of giving back to his community with donations of food, water and clothing whenever possible.

“That was a humbling experience,” Outlaw said. “It dang near brought a tear to my eye when we visited one of the houses we went too. There was a girl that had cancer and it was just sad. The mom even asked (Norman) if he was still planning on being a pallbearer.

“That was really rough sitting there in the house, knowing she probably won’t make it until May. It was really eye opening. You don’t realize how good you have it until you see that stuff.”

Outlaw grew up two hours south of North Little Rock in Hamburg, Arkansas.

This weekend is the first time Outlaw has ever competed at a Built Ford Tough Series event in his home state, and he brought Verizon Arena to its feet with a Round 1 winning 87.5 points on Lebanon Levi.

“Man, it is always good being able to tap off on one, and I got a great one tomorrow,” Outlaw said.

Outlaw takes on Pepper (0-0, BFTS) in Round 2.

Fabiano Vieira finished in second with 86.25 points on Call the Law for 60 world points. 2016 World Champion Cooper Davis (86 points on Sketchy Bob) and Dakota Buttar (86 points on One Boot) tied for third place and 45 world points.

Outlaw wasn’t thinking about any what-ifs when asked how great it would be to reward his home state fans with a victory on Saturday.

“It is going to be good,” Outlaw said before reiterating, “It is going to be good.”

Riders struggle in Round 1

There were only seven qualified rides in Round 1 with Outlaw and Davis being the only two riders in the Top 10 of the world standings reaching 8 seconds.

World leader Eduardo Aparecido was brought down by Floyd 345 in 2.85 seconds, while No. 3 Kaique Pacheco (6.81 seconds on No Regrets) was one of seven riders to buck off beyond 6 seconds.

Smooth Over was the winner of the ABBI Classic competition after bucking off Dener Barbosa in 2.6 seconds.

Floyd 345 finished runner-up to Smooth Over.

The riders will certainly have their hands full again on Saturday night, especially during the Built Ford Tough Championship Round.

2016 World Champion SweetPro’s Bruiser, Jared Allen’s Air Time, Stone Sober and Seven Dust are all scheduled to buck in the championship round.


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