Vieira Enjoying Summer in Brazil

By: Eugenio Jose Santos June 28, 2014@ 12:00:00 PM

Joao Ricardo Vieira rides Estrelo for 86.5 points on Friday night at the Silvano Alves Invitational. Photo by Andre Silva.

PILAR DO SUL, Brazil ― The Silvano Alves Invitational began Friday night in Brazil with many PBR bull riders competing in the hometown of two-time World Champion Silvano Alves.

Current world leader Guilherme Marchi put up 90.5 points on Carro Chefe, despite competing with an injured knee, to win Round 1.

“I just rode because of Silvano, I am in recovery still,” Marchi said while receiving a belt buckle for the round victory.

2013 Rookie of the Year Joao Ricardo Vieira finished the round tied for eighth place with 86.75 points on Estrelo.

In Brazil, Vieira enjoys doing a variety of things, including working on houses and watching animals.

Vieira took a minute to catch up with during the Silvano Alves Invitational.

EJ: Joao, the summer break has started and you are back home. What do you miss about Brazil when you’re gone and what do you do when you get back home?

VIEIRA: “There are many things. I like going to my aunt’s place, looking at the cattle, riding the horses, feeding the chickens and ducks and working in the garden. I like walking with Billy.”

EJ: Who is Billy?

VIERA: “Billy is my tame bull. I walk with him. It’s relaxing, I am at peace when I’m with Billy. I’ve had him since he was six months old. I tamed him. Today Billy is 12 years old. He’s my pet.”


EJ: You don’t have the opportunity to go horseback riding or work with animals in the U.S.?

VIERA: “I go to some friends’ ranches, but it’s not the same thing. I prefer the Brazilian outdoors and I like to see my own land.”

EJ: You live in town and not on ranches – what do you do with your money?

VIERA: “I’m building rental houses and managing the job site while I’m in Brazil.”

EJ: You do not like the Internet, right?

VIEIRA: “No. I do not have much skill, I prefer to ride bulls. I use the Internet for the fans. That’s why I have a Facebook page, for contact with them.”

EJ: You are in third place in the BFTS standings. Many people believe you are a favorite to win the world title. Will you fight for it?

VIERA: “Yes, I will. Last year, I had some problems that are already solved this year. I’m focused and I will fight for it until the last second.”

EJ: What were these problems?

VIERA: “Being alone without my family. It was my first year and the adaptation was somewhat difficult. Today, I don’t have this problem. My wife, Mara, and my 2-year-old little girl, Maria Clara, are living with me.”

EJ: Exactly, what about being in their company helps?

VIERA: “Before when I bucked off, I would come home upset, unable to talk to anyone. Today when that happens, I come home and look for Maria Clara and I am already motivated to go get back on again and win.”

EJ: All of this is very nice – Billy, your homes under construction, your chickens, your ducks, but you need to make money, so it’s not quite a vacation. You need to ride bulls and earn money. We know that American bulls and Brazilian bulls are different. Have you adapted?

VIERA: “Yes, I struggle with this difference. I can say that the bulls in PBR / USA are more difficult. When I’m in Brazil, I watch some friends who are not there in the USA. The bulls here are a bit softer riding, but they require the same focus. Here in Brazil, the competition is a little more fun. The BFTS is a more competitive climate and the is money better – but I need Brazilian money too.”

EJ: You’ve explained that you have missed Brazil and home. Now, I want to ask the opposite question. What do you miss about the U.S.?

VIERA: “I miss the production format of the PBR. The competition and environment is more intense, the bulls are more rank and the fans are more attentive.”

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