Wallace Takes Bull Riding Lead at Reno Rodeo

By Susan Kanode
For the Reno Rodeo

RENO, Nev., – Ty Wallace’s bid for a third consecutive NFR qualification just got better, thanks to the Reno Rodeo.

The Collbran, Colo., cowboy has ridden at rodeo’s championships in the bull riding the last two years and is hoping to be back there next December. Wallace entered the Reno Rodeo in 26th place in the world standings, way out of the top 15 that qualify. But there are still a lot of rodeos before the season ends in September and while he is 26th, he is less than $8,000 out of the top 15.

Things are looking a lot better for him after his performance at the Reno Rodeo on Wednesday night. Wallace took the lead in the first round of bull riding with an 85-point ride aboard Flying Five Rodeo’s Sammy’s Fine Line. This might be the bull that every rider wants to get on here. Not only is Wallace winning first on him, Shawn Proctor from Tooele, Utah is winning third place on him.

Both of these men will advance to Saturday night’s championship finals where Wallace is currently in the driver’s seat. If he holds onto his first-place position in the round, he will collect a check for well over $5,000. Then another eight-second ride on Saturday night and he could leave here with a brand new set of championship spurs and enough money to give him a good boost in the standings.

Veteran tie-down roper Tyson Durfey took the lead in his event during Wednesday’s slack. Durfey won this rodeo almost 10 years ago in 2007 and made his first of eight appearances at the NFR. He is 19th in the standings and just over $2,000 out of the top 15. Riding his talented horse Nikko, he roped and tied two calves in 17.8 seconds. Matt Shiozawa from Chubbock, Idaho is in second with 18.2.

Bareback rider Clayton Biglow’s success continued here on Wednesday. He scored 81 points to have the high-marked ride of the night and make the horseback victory lap in front of a sold out crowd of 9,400. Biglow is now the overall leader with a total score of 164 points.

The Bull Fighters Only champion at the Reno Rodeo was Weston Rutkowski from College Station, Texas, who had the crowd on the edges of their seats scoring 88 point.

Thursday night’s rodeo starts at 7 p.m. and will see the completion of the first round of competition in bareback and saddle bronc riding.

The following are results from the Reno Rodeo

Sixth Performance —

Bareback: 1, Clayton Biglow, Clements, Calif., 81 points on Rosser Rodeo’s Get Your Kix. 2, Blake Smith, Zap, N.D., 80. 3, Wyatt Denny, Minden, Nev., 77. 4, Evan Jayne, Marseille, France, 73.5.

Steer wrestling: 1, Baylor Roche, Tremonton, Utah, 3.8 seconds. 2, Aaron Vosler, Cheyenne, Wyo., 4.3. 3, Josh Peek, Pueblo, Colo., 5.0. 4, Joe Buffington, Wheatland, Wyo., 5.1.

Team roping: 1, Rhett Anderson, Anabella, Utah and Matt Cumbie, Tremonton, Utah, 4.8 seconds. 2, Garrett Tonozzi, Fruita, Colo., and Wyatt Cox, Arroyo Grande, Calif., 5.8. 3, Rob Webb, Wendell, Idaho and Dan Webb, Wendell, Idaho, 7.7. 4, Coleman Proctor, Pryor, Okla., and Billie Jack Saebens, Nowata, Okla., 9.5.

Saddle bronc: 1, Tyrell Smith, Great Falls, Mont., on Big Bend Rodeo’s Kool Toddy (hold from round 1). 2, Ryan Mackenzie, Sallisaw, Okla., 77.5. 3, Joe Lufkin, Sallisaw, Okla., 77. 4, Tyrell Smith, Great Falls, Mont., 76.5.

Tie-down roping: 1, Cody Collins, Galt, Calif., 9.6 seconds. 2, Trampus Quarnbert, Annabella, Utah, 10.8. 3, D.J. Parker, Hollister, Calif., 16.8. 4, Josh Jennings, Glendale, Utah, 17.2.

Barrel Racing: 1, Amber Leigh Moore, Salem, Ore., 17.33. 2, Sue Smith, Blackfoot, Idaho, 17.60. 3, Kelsey Lutjen, Casa Grande, Ariz., 17.76.4, Kelley Schnaufer, Pueblo, Colo., 17.77.

Bull riding: (two rides) 1, Ty Wallace, Collbran, Colo., 85 points on Flying Five Rodeo’s Sammy’s Fineline. 2, Jordan Wacey Spears, Redding, Calif., 67.

Current Leaders –

Bareback riding: (first round) 1, Ty Fast Taypotat, Regina, Saskatchewan, 85.5 points on Rosser Rodeo’s Gold Coast Jackie. 2, Clayton Biglow, Clements, Calif., 83. 2, Kyle Charley, Lukachukai, Ariz., 82.5. 4, Wyatt Denny, Minden, Nev., 82. (second round) 1, 1, George Gillespie IV, Hamilton, Mont., 83.5 on Flying U Rodeo’s Bartown. 2, Tyler Nelson, Victor, Idaho, 82.5. 3, Clayton Biglow, Clements, Calif., 81. 4, Tyler Scales, Severance, Colo., 80.5. (total on two) 1, Clayton Biglow, Clements, Calif., 164. 2, Tyler Nelson, Victor, Idaho, 162. 3, Kyle Charley, Lukachukai, Ariz., 161.5. 4, (tie) Tyler Scales, Severance, Colo., and Ty Fast Taypotat, Regina, Saskatchewan, 161 each. 6, George Gillespie IV, Hamilton, Mont., 159.5.

Steer wrestling: (first round) 1, (tie) Jule Hazen, Ashland, Kan., 3.8 seconds. 2, Nick Guy, Sparta, Wisc., 3.9. 3, Ty Erickson, Helena, Mont., 4.1. 4, (tie) Daryl Joe Elliott, Beaumont, Texas, and Tom Lewis, Lehi, Utah, 4.3 each. (second round) 1. (tie) Tanner Milan, Cochrane, Alberta, and Baylor Roche, Tremonton, Utah, 3.8 each. 3, Jacob Talley, Keatchie, Las., 3.9. 4, (tie) Josh Clark, Belgrade, Mont.; Ty Erickson, Helena, Mont.; and Aaron Vosler, Cheyenne, Wyo.; 4.3. (total on two) 1, (tie) Ty Erickson, Helena, Mont., and Josh Peek, Pueblo, Colo., 8.4. 3, Nick Guy, Sparta, Wisc., 8.7. 4, (tie) Jule Hazen and Tooter Silver, 8.8. 6, Joshua Clark, Belgrade, Mont., 9.1.

Team roping: (first round) 1, Joel Bach, San Augustine, Texas, and Cody Cowden, Atwater, Calif., 4.9 seconds. 2, Kaleb Driggers, Albany, Ga., and Junior Nogueira, Burleson, Texas, 5.3. 3, Garrett Rogers, Baker City, Ore., and Jake Minor, Ellensburg, Wash., 5.4. 4. J.T. Taylor, Banning, Calif., and Brandon Bates, Romoland, Calif., 5.7. (second round) 1. Jake Cooper, Monument, N.M., and Tyler McKnight, Wells, Texas, 4.0. 2, Spencer Mitchell, Williams, Calif., and Justin Davis, Cottonwood, Calif., 4.5. 3, (tie) David Key, Stephenville, Texas and Travis Woodard, Stockton, Calif.; Cale Markham, Vinita, Okla., and Steve Northcott, Odessa, Texas; 4.6. (total on two) 1. Aaron Tsinigine, Tuba City, Ariz., and Kinney Harrell, Marshall, Texas, 11.2. 2, Kaleb Driggers, Albany, Ga., and Junior Nogueira, Burleson, Texas, 11.3. 3, Garrett Tonozzi, Fruita, Colo., and Wyatt Cox, Arroyo Grand, Calif., 11.5. 4, Hayes Smith, Central Point, Ore., and Bruce Reidhead, Taylor, Ariz., 11.6. 5, Clay Smith, Broken Bow, Okla., and Paul Eaves, 11.9. 6, Rhen Richard, Roosevelt, Utah and Cole Davison, Stephenville, Texas, 12.1.

Saddle bronc riding: (first round) 1, (tie) Ryan Mackenzie, Homedale, Idaho, on Big Bend Rodeo’s Crash Gate and Taos Muncy, Corona, N.M., on Rosser Rodeo’s Hat Stomper, 84.5 points each. 3, Jake Wright, Milford, Utah, 83. 4, Joe Lufkin, Sallisaw, Okla., 82.5. (second round) 1, Dustin Flundra, Pincher Creek, Alberta, 84.5 points on Flying Five Rodeo’s Spring Planting. 2, Cody DeMoss, Helfin, La.., 83. 3, Heith DeMoss, Heflin, La., 82.5. 4, Jesse James Kirby, Dodge City, Kan., 81.5. (total on two) 1, Taos Muncy, Corona, N.M., 164.5. 2, Heith DeMoss, Heflin, La., 164. 3, Ryan Mackenzie, Homedale, Idaho, 162. 4, Dustin Flundra, Pincher Creek, Alberta, 161.5. 5, Joe Lufkin, Sallisaw, Okla., 159. 6, (tie) Charlie Kogianes, Provo, Utah; Jake Wright, Milford, Utah; and Sterling Crawley, Stephenville, Texas; 156.

Tie-down roping: (first round) 1, Timber Moore, Aubrey, Texas, 8.2 seconds. 2, Clint Kindred, Oral, S.D., 8.4. 3, Tyson Durfey, Weatherford, Texas, 8.6. 4, Ryle Smith, Oakdale, Calif., 8.7. (second round) 1, Seth Hall, Albuquerque, N.M., 7.6. 2, Ike Fontenot, Ville Platte, La., 8.3. 3, (tie) Cy Eames, Gooding, Idaho, and Tyler Prcin, Alvord, Texas, 8.4. (total on two) 1, Tyson Durfey, Weatherford, Texas, 17.8. 2, Matt Shiozawa, Chubbock, Idaho, 18.2. 3, Clint Kindred, Oral, S.D., 18.4. 4, Tyler Prcin, Alvord, Texas, 18.6. 5, Dane Kissack, Spearfish, S.D., 18.7. 6, Marshall Leonard, Lodi, Calif., 18.8.

Barrel racing: (first round) 1, Jane Melby, Burneyville, Okla., 17.41 seconds. 2, (tie) Sherry Cervi, Marana, Ariz., and Pamela Capper, Cheney, Wash., 17.44 each. 4, Amber Leigh Moore, Salem, Ore., 17.46. (second round) 1, Kris Gadbois, Escondido, Calif., 17.04. 2, Jane Melby, Burneyville, Okla., 17.13. 3, (tie) Darby Fox, King Hill, Idaho, and Kimmie Wall, Roosevelt, Utah, 17.17. (total on two) 1, Jane Melby, Burneyville, Okla., 34.54. 2, Kimmie Wall, Roosevelt, Utah, 34.70. 3, Kris Gadbois, Escondido, Calif., 34.74. 4, Amber Leigh Moore, Salem, Ore., 34.79. Taylor Jacob, Carmine, Texas, 34.50.

Bull riding: (First round) 1, Ty Wallace, Collbran, Colo., 85 points on Flying Five Rodeo’s Sammy’s Fineline. 2, Jeston Mead, Ashland, Kan., 83.5. 3, Shawn Proctor, Tooele, Utah, 83. 4, (tie) Sage Kimzey, Strong City, Okla., and Tyler Stoltz, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 81.5 points each. 6, Zeb Lanham, Sweet, Idaho, 81. 7, Trevor Reiste, Linden, Iowa, 80. 8, Roscoe Jarboe, New Plymouth Idaho, 79.

Courtesy of PRCA