Just LeDoux It

Chris LeDoux Days is most appropriately held over Father’s Day weekend and the 8th annual event in Kaycee, Wyoming brought a full contingent of good bareback riders to spur for the honor of winning it. A foundation set up in Chris’ name has now raised more than $100,000 for high school and college rodeo scholarships, the Make-A-Wish organization and other charitable causes. LeDoux’s wife Peggy handles foundation business. She and Chris had five children. Beau LeDoux followed in his father’s boot steps and became a pro bareback rider and later got into buying and selling bucking horses. Now Beau spends most of his time running the family ranch. He helped out at the bucking chutes over the weekend breaking away from work to share a few memories of Dad who he thinks about every day. Courtesy of Wrangler Network contributor Charlie Coon.