A Note from Wrangler Ultimate Cowgirl

Hello everyone, I am your Wrangler Ultimate Cowgirl Alissa Burson! I have been hitting the rodeos hard this year and I wanted to give you all an update.


Photo credit: CountryStrong Photography

April marks the fourth month since I left home to go down the rodeo road for my rookie year in the Woman’s Professional Rodeo Association. At the beginning of my rodeo season I was blessed with a win at the PRCA Rodeo at the Tulsa State Fair which filled my permit and allowed me to become an official card holder. Filling my permit was my first goal of the year. I find it very important to set both long-term and short-term goals in rodeo and life in general. My next goals are to qualify for my circuit finals this year and to work my way back up in the Rookie standings.

In February my main horse was injured and our rodeo career together had to end. This was a setback for me but I have been working extremely hard with my younger horses to get them ready for the summer rodeos. The rodeo road has a lot of ups and downs, you just have to stay tough and keep going.

This week is a busy one for me as it consists of three rodeos in Texas and the Blue Bonnet Racing Association finals in Oklahoma City. It will be a good week to help get me ready for the summer rodeos. I stay busy during the weekdays in between rodeos by exercising, tuning, and caring for my three horses I have with me. It is a full time job. In this sport the horses have to come first. I’m always excited to make a run and put my work to the test whether it is at a small jack pot or a sold out rodeo. One thing I do before every run is ask The Lord to provide us with safety and for Him to help us to do the best of our abilities.

The opportunity to represent Wrangler and its Ultimate Riding Jean collection has been exciting for me as I travel from one rodeo to another. Wrangler jeans not only fit me perfectly, they fit my lifestyle. I ride several horses every day and they are the only jeans that can keep up with me! It had been said when you look good, you do good and I believe that 100 percent. I always feel my best in a starched pair of Wrangler jeans.

I hope you enjoy the photos I’ve included below from the past few months as well as a short video clip of me in action barrel racing.

WUC 4   WUC2


 Photos directly above and video provided by Alissa Burson.