American 300 Wrangler National Patriot Tour

7th Annual Wrangler National Patriot Memorial Day Tour Heads to Africa


Rob Smets - 5x World Champion Bullfighter

Rob Smets – 5x World Champion Bullfighter

Undisclosed Areas of Operation Africa – For the past seven years Wrangler professional rodeo cowboys and cowgirls along with Nashville Artists have traveled to remote U.S. Armed Forces Bases around the world to salute and honor our Troops on Memorial Day.

This year, five-time world champion hall of fame cowboy Rob Smets, of Texas will be joining the all-star line up in taking hats off for our Troops.

With past tours having taken the Wrangler Team to: Iraq, Afghanistan, Alaska and Pacific Commands multiple times, this years tour will be placing cowboy boots in the dirt of the sub-Sahara and Horn of Africa. Read more

Day One: Wrangler Cowboys and Cowgirls Arrive in Africa

Day Two: Midnight Chow Crew… Kitchen Concert

Day Three: The Guitar Alongside Lucas Hoge – Thomas Becker

Day Four: Cowgirls and Cowboys Hit the Beach

Day Five: Cowgirl On The Run with Troops

Day Five: Outpost on Memorial Day

Day Six: Cowboys Honor Our Fallen From Africa

Day Seven: Cowgirls and Cowboys Hit the Beach

Day Eight: 22 Hours

Day Eight: Lucas Hoge Rising Star