Behind the Chaps: Miss Rodeo Oregon

Miss Rodeo Oregon, I knew I wanted my chaps to be a compelling representation of my state. That way, as I traveled, I could truly share the place I love to call home. Oregon has a rich history and culture, as well as diverse natural beauty. I knew that I wanted to incorporate all of this into my pair of chaps. I turned to Stringfellow Leather, where Denise took my idea and poured her love into this perfect pair of chaps. On the yoke is a red rose carved in the leather as a nod to the Portland Grand Floral Rose Parade. The green fringe embodies Oregon’s lush forests, while the rose gold signifies the alpine glow that can be witnessed each morning on the Cascade Mountain Range. The covered wagon represents Oregon’s pioneering spirit. And, to honor the state’s famous motto, “She flies with her own wings,” a bald eagle soaring the skies is showcased on one leg, and a red tail hawk in flight is featured on the other. A beaver, meadowlark, herd of elk, and a red fox also make an appearance. Each animal carved into the leather is native to Oregon and commonly observed in the wild country of Central Oregon, where I grew up. I am so honored to get to wear these chaps throughout my year as Miss Rodeo Oregon 2022 and take a little piece of home with me everywhere I travel.

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