History of the Crown: Miss Rodeo Illinois

A shiny, hand-crafted, unique, Bob Berg crown rests atop the many cowboy hats of the Miss Rodeo Illinois. Thirteen years ago, Bob Berg created a one-of-a-kind rodeo queen crown that would be seen at many different events. The crown itself is unique because it has the Illinois state wildflower engraved into it. Inside of the flower rests a purple stone to represent the violet. This particular flower is custom made and the only place that you can find it is on the Miss Rodeo Illinois crown and the buckles that are made for the queens. In 2009, the first Miss Rodeo Illinois that had the honor of resting this amazing crown atop her cowboy hat was Rebecca Kloker (Jansen). The sponsor of this crown just so happens to be our Miss Rodeo Illinois Association president Rosemary Cooper. She also sponsors the buckles for each Miss Rodeo Illinois queen. If this crown could talk, I am most certain that it would have many stories to share about the endless miles that it has traveled.

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