History of the Crown: Miss Rodeo Kansas

The history of the Miss Rodeo Kansas Crown starts in 1989 when a new crown was created by VOGT Silversmiths in an effort to provide a perpetual crown to be worn during each titleholder’s reign and to be recognizable on the Miss Rodeo America stage. Prior to 1989, Miss Rodeo Kansas titleholders were awarded a crystal-rhinestone crown to keep each year but with the introduction of the new perpetual crown, a legacy was born. The iconic sunflowers are the focal point of the crown but it’s also recognized by the outline of the State of Kansas surrounding “Miss Rodeo Kansas” with a black onyx stone for accent. Through its lifespan, the perpetual crown of Miss Rodeo Kansas has seen the stage of Miss Rodeo America 32 times, sat atop the hat of 8 top-ten finalists, and held an additional 8 times awaiting the results of our top-five finalists. The sunflower crown was even exchanged for the black hills gold crown of Miss Rodeo America in 2008. Through countless rodeos, school visits, friendships, photoshoots, and every adventure in between, the black and gold crown has a legacy all its own, created by each young lady who has had the opportunity to place it on her hat. The sterling silver is tough enough to withstand rain, wind and fresh saddle horses and the 14k plated gold is as beautiful as the smile beneath it. While a new woman puts the crown on her hat each year, the Miss Rodeo Kansas crown remains as timeless as it did 32 years ago.

-Tiffany McCaffrey, Miss Rodeo Kansas 2020-2021

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