History of the Crown: Miss Rodeo Montana

A true Montana treasure! The current Miss Rodeo Montana crown was designed in 1997 by Arne Esp from Hardin, MT. It was built the year that the Miss Rodeo Montana Pageant moved from Dillion, MT to Great Falls to be held in conjunction with the Montana Circuit Finals Rodeo! The first Miss Rodeo Montana to wear the crown was Christina (Boldt) Twohig, Miss Rodeo Montana 1997.

The Miss Rodeo Montana crown is made from sterling silver with 14 karat gold plated lettering. It is embellished with 9 green gemstones and a stunning engraved background. It holds the stories and adventures of all its previous holders, and will carry future Miss Rodeo Montana’s through their year as the First Lady of Montana Rodeo!

-Katie Lynn Kraus, Miss Rodeo Montana 2020-2021

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