History of the Crown: Miss Rodeo North Dakota

In 1995, Nicole Needham was the first Miss Rodeo North Dakota to wear the modern-day heirloom crown. The crown was created by Skyline Silversmiths, and made of silver and gold with ruby stones. Symbols of our state can be found on the 3 points of the triangular-shaped crown. These 3 symbols represent the beauty, strength, and integrity of who Miss Rodeo North Dakota is. Our state flower, the Wild Prairie Rose: This flower motif is a symbol of beauty and honor. The American Bison: The bison motif is a symbol of strength, determination, and courage. The Bison, or Buffalo, is also highlighted on our state quarter and state license plate! Cowboy and Bronc: At the top of the crown, the retro bronc rider motif can be found! Of course, this symbolizes the integrity of the American Cowboy and our western heritage.

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