History Of The Crown: Miss Rodeo Wisconsin

By: Miss Rodeo America

Throughout the years, the style of the Miss Rodeo Wisconsin crown has changed in many ways. In past years, there were bulls on the crown in honor of the bull riders who had qualified to the NFR from Wisconsin. Those bull riders were Fred Boettcher, BJ Shumacher, and Cory Check. The current crown that we have today was made by Tres Rios Silver in 2014 and was first worn in 2015 by Lydia Jones (Berg). The red stones on the crown symbolize “the stream of red stone,” which is referring to the Wisconsin River. The copper border on the crown reflects the copper mining that took place in northern Wisconsin in the 1800s. Lastly, the bucking bull and bronc represent the iconic sport of rodeo. One thing that is unique about our state from most is that the queens can purchase their own crown to keep if they wish!

-Miss Rodeo Wisconsin 2020-2021, Makayla Kleiber

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