Martins Pulling Double Duty as Bull Rider and Massage Therapist

By: Jorge Cardoso

Lucas Martins has always been the type of person who likes to help others and learn new things. Thus was born his desire to be a professional bull rider, and also a professional massage therapist.

Since he was a teenager, he woke up early to help his grandmother with the sale of fruit and vegetables at markets in his hometown of Frutal.

“I carried the heaviest things for her, kept an eye on the newsstand and even made calls,” Martins said.

As part of thanking him for the help, his grandmother was the right companion on Sundays to accompany him to the city’s Cowboy Festival.

“We would go right after the market and stay there until it was over,” Martins said. “Sunday was always free admission, so I had to take advantage. I didn’t miss any events, and none of the competition.”

And it was following the bull riding that aroused his interest in being a competitor, his first profession of passion.

“I found the bull riding too exciting,” Martins said. “So I started praying that one day I would be there, among those guys, competing and winning.”

The interesting thing about this story is that after managing to become a bull rider, Martins sparked interest in another profession by helping an injured friend.

“He was having severe back pain, and he might not be riding,” Martins said. “I wanted to help him. I bought some ointments and did some massages and exercises that I saw massage therapists doing. Then we went to the pharmacy and bought some specific pain tapes. At night, he rode without pain.

“I just didn’t know if I was doing it right or wrong,” he joked.

After this event, he became more interested in massage therapy, and even helped other friends in pain.

“I wanted to learn more and more,” Martins said. “Who knows when I retire from the arena, and dedicate myself to it. Of course, I want to take a specific course and help even more people.”

2020 Season

Martins arrived at PBR Brazil in 2018, making his debut in Frutal, his hometown. He ended the first round with 83.75 points on the bull Sertão Vazio.

That season he finished 41st in the national ranking, participating in three events, finishing two of them in the Top 10.

In 2019, it was different. He participated in nine events, six of which he finished in the Top 10, and had a riding percentage of 64%. Martins finished 11th, with 752.50 points.

“I’m training a lot for this season, doing physical activities to stay away from injuries, riding and studying some bulls,” Martins said. “I want to win at least three champion buckles and remain among the best in Brazil. Without a doubt, it will be a year of evolution for me.”

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