Miss Rodeo America 2023 | Keeping Up with Kennadee Riggs

April takes the Black Hill Gold Crown from rodeo to rodeo across the West

Giving rodeo queen hair demonstrations at the Miss Rodeo Oregon clinic!

My Oregon girls and I!

Sharing my expertise in horsemanship as the head clinician at the Miss Rodeo Oregon Clinic.

A polaroid of me in an outfit that my great great grandmother had made by Nathan Turk.

This cute girl has aspirations to be in my shoes one day. Talking to her about her goals was a sweet experience!

Waving a quick “hello” and “goodbye” to the Legends of the West Rodeo in Wickenburg, Arizona!

Quick run with my new friends in Redmond, Oregon to help with the VIP tent dishes before grand entry!

My friends from Brazil came to visit for a day while I was home!

Never off the clock as Miss Rodeo America, and I am happy about it! I got to teach my Brazilian friends about horses while I was in town.

Me and my trusty steed in Wickenburg, “M”. The Edmonds family was kind enough to let me borrow him!

I am now a forever “honorary resident” of the Town of Wickenburg! What a fun honor.

No, you’re not seeing triple. My mom and sister got to come see me speak at the “Cowgirl Up” Art event in Wickenburg, Arizona!

Visiting Avalon Irwin, Miss Rodeo Oregon 2022, for a tour of her workplace in Redmond, Oregon. What a fun day!

Gary Rempel, the legend himself.

John Growney, the one and only!

Horsey smooches with new little friends!

Rodeo is a family! I sure love running into sweet friends in the road.

Big smiles at the back gate in Red Bluff, California!

These were the pilots behind Red Bluff Roundup’s patriotic flyover! It was neat getting to know them and filling them in on rodeo.

This is what it looks like going to church on the road, half “queened up” before rodeo performances.😁

Jeanne Joanette trusted me with her cute Snappy boy for the weekend. He was a dream!

Cute little rodeo fans in the stands braiding Snappy’s mane while we waited to push cows♥️

I sure love spending time on the road with fellow rodeo queens!

Wayne Brooks and Wayne Brooks cardboard cutout… which is which?

One day at home means driving through Arizona’s pretty spring landscapes with family!

My collection of sweet friends grows larger with every trip! I loved spending time with Dalli and McKardy, representing the Dixie Roundup and the Wilderness Circuit while I was in Washington County, Utah.

Special guests who made an appearance at Washington County’s Special Needs Rodeo. Look how cute!

School visits, but this time at a high school! I got to talk to ag classes about rodeo and its ties to agriculture.

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