Need the Moisture

By Wrangler Network contributor Charlie Coon

There may be no more common phrase around western ranch country than “we need the moisture.” I’ve heard it on the radio a dozen times if once today since a spring snowstorm dumped 11 inches on Wyoming’s capital city in the past day. Strong winds continue and drifts are deep. Should be moist enough for a while.

A couple of ProRodeo bull rider pals stopped out at the house last night after a weekend in San Antonio and got their car stuck in my driveway. I let them do the shoveling. They are in their 20s after all.

My Wrangler Network and Xtreme Bulls colleague Sam Dunn did not seem to believe me when I informed him of the current situation in Cheyenne. Schools are closed as are a number of highways. Mr. Dunn asked that I collect a little evidence and it is presented forthwith:

Nothing like Springtime in the Rockies!

‘Travels with Charlie’ is a biweekly series of features by Charlie Coon produced exclusively for the Wrangler Network. Using the penname Curtis Scott, Mr. Coon has provided stories for the past 20 years to such outlets as The History Channel Magazine, American Heritage and the Denver Post. He is based in Cheyenne, Wyo., where he serves as coordinator for the state of Wyoming’s cowboy marketing program. Coon and cameraman Mike McCrimmon put together news, sports, and human interest features on a semi-regular basis for TV stations in Wyoming, Montana and South Dakota.