PHOTO STORY: Annual Horse Drive

By Wrangler Network contributor and photographer, Janet Kotwas

Since 1962 the Sombrero Ranch has driven one of the largest horse herds in Colorado more than 60 miles from their remote 50,000 acre wintering area near Browns Park National Wildlife Refuge to the 18,000 acre Sombrero Ranch, located 13 miles west of Craig, Colo. Each spring the Sombrero Ranch wranglers spend almost two weeks rounding up approximately 600 horses near Browns Park. As the herd leaves the leased BLM corrals, the wranglers are joined by roughly 100 other ranchers and participants to help drive the herd 62 miles.

The horse drive has evolved over the years to include guest riders that will literately fly from all corners of this earth to take part in a true western experience. This year’s guest riders included participants from Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Japan, and all across America. Cowboys and cowgirls of all ages can get a gritty taste of what life is really like on a working ranch in the wild Rocky Mountains of beautiful Colorado. I can tell you this – driving a herd of more than 600 unpredictable horses with real life cowboys and cowgirls through 60 plus miles of dusty backcountry Colorado terrain, active highways and some of the most mesmerizing country you could ever see is excitement you can feel right down to your cowboy boots! Every thrilling moment is definitely an experience you will not soon forget.

Great American Horse Drive        Great American Horse Drive

Great American Horse Drive       Great American Horse Drive

Great American Horse Drive       Great American Horse Drive

Great American Horse Drive       Great American Horse Drive




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