PRCA Standings Shuttle: Cowboys Launch into 2021 Season

Going from arena dirt to sandy Jamaican beaches isn’t a normal routine for Cooper Martin, but the tie-down roper from Alma, Kan., earned it.

“I roped in Waco (Texas) on Friday and got married on Sunday,” Martin said. “We (Martin and wife, Samantha) are on our honeymoon right now in Jamaica.”

In addition to celebrating their marriage with a tropical honeymoon, Martin led the 2021 PRCA | RAM World Standings with more money won in a single event than anyone else with $7,782 as of Oct. 19.

“It’s not a bad start at all,” Martin said. “It’s a new year, and I was looking forward to having a good year. I didn’t have a great year last year with COVID being hard on everyone, so I’m starting fresh and working at it and trying to learn from my mistakes from last year.”

Martin finished 28th in the 2020 season with $28,939, and the three-time NFR qualifier carried his determination to make a fourth qualification into the 2021 season.

It doesn’t take much to make a big jump in the world standings when the season is fresh, but every dollar won in October counts just as much as every dollar won in September.

The first three weeks of the 2021 season presented $981,155 worth of prize money, and during the third week of the season, 19 cowboys moved up within the Top 15 of their respective events while 41 launched from no money earned to a spot within the Top 15.

The following cowboys saw their positions improve in the Top 15 of the world standings or launched from having no money won to being within the Top 15.

24 Spots

Marcus Theriot moved from 31st to seventh in team roping heading.
Scott Snedecor moved from 36th to 12th in steer roping.

21 Spots

Tyler Waguespack moved from 29th to eighth in steer wrestling.

13 Spots

Joseph Harrison moved from 15th to second in team roping heeling.

11 Spots

Trent Creager moved from 21st to 10th in tie-down roping.

10 Spots

Dustin Boquet moved from 11th to first in bull riding.
Tuf Cooper moved from 25th to 15th in steer roping.

Nine Spots

Jacob Edler moved from 10th to first in steer wrestling.

Eight Spots

Cole Patterson moved from ninth to first in steer roping.
Hunter Herrin moved from 10th to second in tie-down roping.

Six Spots

Jesse Tierney moved from 17th to 11th in steer roping.

Five Spots

Clayton Sellars moved from ninth to fourth in bull riding.
Chad Rutherford moved from 18th to 13th in bareback riding.

Four Spots

Cooper Martin moved from fifth to first in tie-down roping.
Garrett Hale moved from sixth to second in steer roping.
Zac Hibler moved from 16th to 12th in bareback riding.

Three Spots

Wade Sundell moved from 13th to 10th in saddle bronc riding.

Two Spots

Anthony Reina moved from fifth to third in steer roping.
Caleb Smidt moved from 15th to 13th in tie-down roping.

From Zero to Top 15

Garrett Shadbolt is first in bareback riding.
Tanner Brunner is second in steer wrestling.
Jake Clay is second in team roping heading.
Cody DeMoss is second in saddle bronc riding.
Trevor Kastner is second in bull riding.
Tyler Wade is third in team roping heading.
Billie Jack Saebens is third in team roping heeling.
Randall Carlisle is third in tie-down roping.
Colton Byram is third in bull riding.
Bubba Buckaloo is fourth in team roping heading.
Brye Crites is fourth in team roping heeling.
Jake Finlay is fourth in saddle bronc riding.
Erich Rogers is fifth in team roping heading.
Paden Bray is fifth in team roping heeling.
Tyrel Larsen is fifth in saddle bronc riding.
Isaac Fontenot is fifth in tie-down roping.
Dalton Potter is fifth in bull riding.
Shad Mayfield is sixth in tie-down roping.
Chet Herren is sixth in steer roping.
Trey Benton III is sixth in bull riding.
Colt Gordon is seventh in saddle bronc riding.
Blaine Kaufman is eighth in bareback riding.
Tristan Mize is ninth in bull riding.
Jacob Brown is 10th in bareback riding.
Rowdy Parrott is 11th in steer wrestling.
Michael Kirchner is 11th in team roping heading.
Austin Rogers is 11th in team roping heeling.
Kyle Deckard is 11th in tie-down roping.
Jacob Talley is 12th in steer wrestling.
Chad Braden is 12th in saddle bronc riding.
Dustin Martinez is 12th in bull riding.
Jake Cooper is 13th in team roping heading.
Wesley Thorp is 13th in team roping heeling.
Shade Etbauer is 13th in saddle bronc riding.
Trenton Johnson is 13th in steer roping.
Will Martin is 14th in bareback riding.
Cody Devers is 14th in steer wrestling.
Kaleb Driggers is 14th in team roping heading.
Lane Mitchell is 14th in team roping heeling.
Mike Fred is 15th in bareback riding.
Josh Frost is 15th in bull riding.

Courtesy of PRCA

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