PRCA Standings Shuffle: Maverick Potter Jumps Inside Top 15

Maverick Potter has been knocking on the door of the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo the past two seasons, but unfortunate injuries have gotten in the way of that dream becoming a reality.

He hasn’t let an injury-riddled past get in the way of him getting on the back of bucking bulls. This season has already saw him earn more money than he did either of his previous two seasons.

Over the past two weeks, he has jumped from 20th in the PRCA | RAM World Standings to inside the top 10 with $53,619. His leap in the standings was spurred by a round win during the Reno (Nev.) Rodeo Xtreme Bulls and a title at the Days Of The Old West Rodeo in Delta, Utah.

“I’ve just tried to not think about it too much, I was hurt about this time last year,” said Potter, 21. “It’s just a blessing to be healthy and going to all these rodeos we have.

“I’m traveling with some good guys that have put some fire under my belt. I’m just ready to keep going on with the rest of the year. I don’t like to think about it too much, but it’s going my way right now that’s for sure.”

Potter is scheduled to go to seven rodeos between now and the Fourth of July. He said he’s excited for the busy stretch of the season with his sights set on qualifying for his first NFR this December.

“Things can snowball in rodeo, whether it’s going your way or it’s not,” he said. “I try to keep the ball rolling in the right direction. I like to keep the ball rolling uphill because we are going to the top not the bottom.”

“There’s a ton of rodeos to go, but I have my eyes on those yellow bucking chutes I can say that. I’m not in a comfortable spot there’s a lot of good bull riders below me, but I feel like I’m in a good spot for where we are in the year right now.”

Below, are the other cowboys who moved inside the Top 15 of the PRCA | RAM World Standings.

16 Spots

• Steer wrestler Mike McGinn jumped from 31st to 15th.

12 Spots

• Tie-down roper Riley Webb went up from 26th to 14th.

10 Spots

• Bull rider Maverick Potter leaped in the standings from 20th to 10th.

Eight Spots

• Steer wrestler Nick Guy moved from 15th to seventh.
• Tie-down roper Caleb Smidt jumped up from 20th to 12th.
• Steer wrestler Timmy Sparing went up in the standings from 13th to fifth.

Six Spots

• Team roping heeler Jade Corkill leaped from 10th to fourth.
• Saddle bronc rider Lefty Holman moved up from 15th to ninth.
• Steer wrestler Talon Roseland jumped from 17th to 11th.

Five Spots

• Team roping heeler Logan Medlin went up from 16th to 11th.
• Team roping header Coleman Proctor leaped from 15th to 10th.
• Bull rider Koby Radley moved up in the standings from 19th to 14th.

Four Spots

• Bull rider Garrett Smith jumped from 10th to sixth.
• Bareback rider Rocker Steiner went up from 10th to sixth.

Three Spots

• Steer roper John Bland leaped from 18th to 15th.
• Team roping header Bubba Buckaloo moved from 18th to 15th.
• Tie-down roper Shane Hanchey jumped in the standings from 11th to eighth.
• Team roping heeler Joseph Harrison went from ninth to sixth.
• Bareback rider R.C. Landingham leaped up from 12th to ninth.

Two Spots

• Team roping heeler Brye Crites moved up from 12th to 10th.
• Bareback rider Wyatt Denny jumped from 15th to 13th.
• Steer roper Clay Long went up from sixth to fourth.
• Steer roper Taylor Santos leaped in the standings from 14th to 12th.
• Bull rider Clayton Savage moved up from 17th to 15th.
• Bareback rider Garrett Shadbolt jumped from ninth to seventh.
• Tie-down roper Marty Yates went up from fifth to third.

One Spot

• Steer roper Mike Chase leaped from 12th to 11th.
• Tie-down roper Ty Harris moved up from seventh to sixth.
• Team roping heeler Brady Minor jumped from 13th to 12th.
• Team roping header Riley Minor went up in the standings from 13th to 12th.
• Team roping header Jake Orman leaped from 10th to ninth.
• Team roping header Rhen Richard moved up from seventh to sixth.
• Team roping header Clay Smith jumped from ninth to eighth.
• Steer roper Scott Snedecor went up from second to first.
• Team roping header Cody Snow leaped from sixth to fifth.
• Steer roper Jess Tierney moved in the standings from third to second.
• Saddle bronc rider Kolby Wanchuk jumped up from ninth to eighth.

On The Bubble

• Tie-down roper Lane Livingston went from 17th to 16th and is $3,861 outside the Top 15.
• Team roping heeler Coleby Payne leaped from 18th to 16th and is $1,672 outside the Top 15.
• Team roping header Tyler Wade moved up in the standings from 20th to 16th and is $1,326 outside the Top 15.
• Steer roper Ryan Willberg jumped from 17th to 16th and is $1,076 outside the Top 15.
• Saddle bronc rider Spencer Wright went up from 17th to 16th and is $6,728 outside the Top 15.

Courtesy of PRCA

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