Thoughts from a Rodeo Queen Mom

By Wrangler Network contributor Miss Rodeo America
This blog was written by guest blogger Joanne Blair mother of Miss Rodeo Iowa 2010 Jordanne Blair!

Wow, what year it was! When they called my daughter’s name, Jordanne Blair (Fry) as Miss Rodeo Iowa 2010 I was so excited, but a little overwhelmed as I knew she would be traveling about 30,000 miles over the next year.


At 9 years old Jordanne got her first pony. We grew to love everything about the equine industry. She rode English, western, competed in high school rodeos, was on an Equestrian Team and as a rodeo queen wore many crowns. She worked very hard to accomplish her goals. Traveling together made our relationship stronger. We had lots of fun and learned pretty quickly not to sweat the small stuff. I got a text one night saying that she thought she forgot her sash, after looking and not finding it I knew she would be upset so I decided I would try and make her laugh. I sent her a photo of what I thought she should do, it was a piece of toilet paper with Miss Rodeo Iowa on it, which she did get a good laugh. Thankfully she did end up finding her sash! We got a lot of laughs from the sign we put on our steering wheel saying “wide turns” after taking out a few things you shouldn’t with your trailer. She always screamed when I pinned on her hat, but as the saying goes “if a rodeo queen loses her hat, her head better be in it!”

My daughter grew into a beautiful young woman. She has compassion for others, which I always saw when she helped and coordinated her own special needs rodeos. She is kind, caring and responsible. Jordanne filled so many boots as a rodeo queen, and not just the 13 pair she took to Miss Rodeo America!

We met so many wonderful people and made life-long friendship from all of our horsing around. One of the things that amazed me throughout her year was the communities support. We were so blessed by our family and friends! Her year would not have been possible without everyone’s help. One of Jordanne’s greatest fans was her grandpa (my dad). Even though he was suffering with terminal cancer, he demanded to drive her to Las Vegas knowing they would get there safely. Those are moments we will never forget.

The memories I have will last a lifetime, it was one of the best years of her life and I love seeing her happy and fulfilling her dreams. If you are a mother of a rodeo queen, remember to enjoy the year. It will go by so fast, so cherish every moment and have fun.

I am hopeful someday I will get to be a rodeo queen grandma!

Happy trails and God Bless

Joanne Blair


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