TicketSmarter Morning Line – Bismarck Round 2

By: Slade Long

Round 2:

Rafael Henrique dos Santos on 12 Red Bones:

Santos converted on a tough bull that spun into his hand last night. He’s got a similar bull here, maybe a little nicer to ride, in fact. Cannon Cravens was 88 on Red Bones last night, and this bull has been pretty good to right-handed riders this season.

Cody Teel on 509 Keno:

Teel drew on the extreme tough end of the pen last night, but he drew one of the easier bulls out in Round 2. Keno is ridden more often than not when he’s faced the top riders. Ezekiel Mitchell was 89 on him in Deadwood, South Dakota, last month, and Stetson Lawrence was 88.5 on him in Las Vegas in June.

Joao Ricardo Vieira on -08 Melanie’s Dream:

Vieira wasted no time getting back to business on his return last night, posting 84.25 points in the first round. He has an interesting matchup here. Melanie’s Dream is a relatively new bull, but Cooper Davis and Keyshawn Whitehorse both got big scores from him this summer.

Lucas Divino on 110 Suspicious Minds:

Divino beat the odds on a great bull away from his hand to win the opening round last night. Like several other guys here, he has a slightly easier challenge in Round 2. This bull will probably go to the left too, but he’s a good bit easier to ride than Safety Meeting.

Cannon Cravens on 05 Humberto:

Cravens bucked off this bull when they met a couple of years ago, but that may have been a fluke. Humberto has been dominated by higher level riders, and especially by right-handed riders his whole career. Cravens may get his second ride of the weekend here and go into the short round near the top.

Joao Henrique Lucas on 02 Beaver Creek Beau:

Beaver Creek Beau has over twice as many career buckoffs as Lucas has career outs in the U.S. This is a solid PBR veteran bull who has been a star his whole career. His only real weakness is right-handed riders and his age. He turns 10 this year, and he’s a little easier overall than he was in his prime. Lucas has a chance here to go 2-for-2.

Cole Melancon on 20 Handsome Jack:

Melancon got a score last night, but he has a tougher job in Round 2. Handsome Jack is unridden in 22 career outs. He’s more of a deceptive and tricky bull than he is a powerhouse, and he was nearly ridden in each of his last two outs. Melancon has a chance here, but he can’t miss a move.

Ezekiel Mitchell on 584 Foghorn Leghorn:

Mitchell rode this bull almost a year ago in Springfield for 86.5 points. After an 87-point ride in Round 1, Mitchell is probably pretty happy to have a second fantastic draw in a row. The key against this bull is to fight to stay forward. Mitchell can’t get leaned back or this bull won’t give him a chance to recover.

Jose Vitor Leme on 517 Space Force:

Leme was 88.5 on this bull late last season. Space Force typically goes to the right – away from Leme’s hand. This didn’t help him the first time they met, but it’s the only thing he has going for him here. It’s hard to imagine Leme bucking off of anything right now. He seems to be on a mission.

Colten Jesse on 55A Get Shorty:

With Leme running wild, and the uncertainty surrounding the schedule, Colten Jesse has been a little overlooked this year. He’s having a strong season, and has improved on his numbers from the past few years. He’s starting to look like a real contender, and he’s up to No. 5 in the standings right now. This bull probably goes away from his hand, but he should easily get a second score here. This is one of the nicer bulls in the pen to ride.

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