Tuff Hedeman Bull Bash Returns to the South Dakota State Fair


HURON, South Dakota – Tuff Hedeman in conjunction with the South Dakota State Fair announced today that tickets (Ticket Link) are on sale for the annual Red Wilk Construction Tuff Hedeman Bull Bash, presented by the South Dakota State Fair on September 3-4, 2020.

2019 Red Wilk Construction Bull Bash Champion – Matt Palmer Photos by Todd Brewer

The highly anticipated two-day event returns to Huron as the annual kick off for the 135th season of the South Dakota State Fair. The Red Wilk Construction Tuff Hedeman Bull Bash features two nights and five rounds of an action-packed high energy family friendly event.

The doors open at 6:00 pm and you can bet Hedeman will have the bulls locked and loaded ready to buck at 8:00 pm nightly.

For seventeen years, the pioneer of the sport of standalone bull riding, Tuff Hedeman, and local businessman Red Wilk produce this fan favorite event thrilling audiences as the opening grandstand event at the Fair. Hedeman’s three round sudden death format is an adrenaline rush competition wrapped around traditional western entertainment.

For seventeen years, the pioneer of the sport of standalone bull riding, Tuff Hedeman, and local businessman Red Wilk produce this fan favorite event that kicks off the South Dakota State Fair. Photo by Todd Brewer

“We would not be in Huron without Red Wilk, we share the same ideas and values in producing great entertainment for the bull riding fans in South Dakota and we look forward to coming to Huron each year,” said Hedeman.

Hedeman’s signature three-round tournament-style format is popular with fans as it allows them to see their favorite riders challenge as many as three bulls in one night. As the bull riders progress each earning money for their qualified rides, the final four-man Shoot Out round determines the winner and the bulk of the prize money.

”My original goals have not changed since 1992. I’m still committed to producing bull riding events that give each bull rider entered the chance to win first and make sure the fans at every event are getting more than expected,” said Hedeman.

Hedeman’s tour has been on hiatus due to the Coronavirus Pandemic since March of this year. He had this to say about returning to the arena.

Caleb MaCaslin

“The virus will always be a concern in 2020, but we trust the local and state leaders of this event and the Huron community and I am confident they will practice safe measures for the ticketholders, organizers and contestants, we would not be coming if we did not have mutual trust,” said Hedeman.

Hedeman formed the Tuff Hedeman Bull Riding Tour after serving for a combined 23 years as the former head of the two nationally organized professional bull riding organizations (PBR and CBR) since his retirement as a rider from the sport in 1999. Tuff Hedeman and the rider’s appearance schedule with rider roster to be announced at a later date.

2019 Tuff Hedeman Bull Riding in Huron, SD 8/28/19

The Red Wilk Construction Bull Bash will be held at the South Dakota State Fairgrounds, 1060 3rd St. SW. Tickets are on sale. Tickets are $12 for youth and $20 for adults and are available by calling 866-605-FAIR, or online A list of contestants will be available at a later date.

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